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Tales Of The Master

The Master
Terror Of The Autons
1971 (Four Parts)

A renegade Time Lord arrives on Earth at a Circus run by a man named Rossine and steals a dormant peice of Nestene from a museum.
This renegade Time Lord, is really the Master.
He reactivates the dorment Nestene energy using a Radio Telescope and uses his hypnotic powers to take complete control of a small company where he organises the poduction of Auton dolls, Chairs, Daffadils and other plastic appliances.
Humanoid Auton dummies are distributed with Deadly plastic daffadils which can spray an equally deadly film which suffocates its victims.
The Master gives them away for free as a fake promotional campaign.
The Master plans to activate the Nestenes using the same telescope as before to activate all the Autons and the main.
He also plans to bring the main sorce of the Nestene Conciousnessto Earth.
The Doctor persuades the Master that the Autons would have no further use for him once the rest of the species arrive on Earth even though several murders have already taken place.
Together, the Two Time Lords have to work together to send the Autons back into space.
After the event has happened, the Doctor tells the Master that he is now trapped on Earth like himself and that he is quite looking forward for their next visit.
But the Master has other plans...

The Mind Of Evil
1971 (Four Parts)

The Third Doctor and Jo Visit Strangmoore prison after encountering the dreadful Autons for a demonstration of the Kellman machine.
The device is programmed to extract negative emotions from criminal minds.
The Doctor believes that it won't work but his sceptisism seems valid when a volunteer prisoner collapses after the Kellman device was demonstrated on his brain.
The hpoe is that his mind now cured of evil.

Meanwhile, the brigadier, acting as head of security at a world peace conference, discovers that important documents have been going missing and that a Chinese delegate has died under mysterious circumstances.
Captain Yates is away on another mission to transport an illegal Thunderbolt missle to the main UNIT base and to have it destroyed.

The Doctor and Jo soon join the brigadier at the conference as he requested and foil an attempt by the Chinese aid, Captain Chin Lee, to kill the American delegate, all this while under the hypnosis of the Master.
Within the Keller machine lies a alien parasite and the Master uses this in order to cause a disturbance at Stangmoor.
Enlisting the help of the prisoners to hijack the Thunderbolt missle, The Master plans to use it to start world war 3 by causing an explosion at the peace conference...

The Claws Of Axos
1971 (Four Parts)

On Earth, UNIT have located a meteorite.
But mysteriously,the meteorite has changed its course towards Earth and is advancing in speed.
The rest of UNIT are warned as is a man by the name of Mr Chin, who arrives at headquaters.
The Doctor and Jo arrive as well,curious as to what is going on.
They soon find out that the so called meteorite is in fact a spaceship containing an entire civilisation of Axons.
The Ship is entering the planet's atmosphere and Mr Chin orders UNIT to fire at least a dozen missiles at the Axon craft but the missiles fail to lock onto their target and are rapidly heading back down to Earth...

The Ship's landing has caused adverse weather conditions and freak snow storms.
An old man stumbles across it while he is trying to return back to his home.
But the door opens up and a dark red arm pops out and grabs the man with a masssive claw and pulls him inside.

Back at UNIT,the Doctor, Brigadier and several members of UNIT decide to investigate the ship.
They enter the Ship and encounter the Axons who are trying to sell them Axonite, a type of stone that can limit any object.
Jo boards the ship without the Doctor noticing, on hearing Bill Filers voice (A member of UNIT) and sees the Master.
The Axonite is taken back to UNIT where it will be analysed but something happens with the axonite and Axons appear in their true forms-lumpy, red tentacled beasts that have the ability to disguise themselves as gold homanoid figures.
The Axons are secretly planing to destroy humanity by using the powers of axonite and to advance themselves.
But with the Doctor acting strange ly,and the Master in his TARDIS, it's down to Jo and UNIT to save the world...

The Keeper Of Traken
1981 (Four Episodes)

With Adric in the TARDIS the Doctor travels to N-Space when a mysterious man teleports into the TARDIS telling the Doctor that he is weak and dying.
This strange old man is in fact the Keeper Of Traken.
The Doctor decides to set the Co-Ordinates for Traken to help the Keeper but little does he know, that he is walking straight into a trap...

The Doctor and Adric then arrive on Traken where they are suspected of being murderers and evil tresspassers.
A strange calsified creature called Melkur has been causing trouble but has not yet been caught. Kassia, the wife of a man named Tremas, has been tending to the creature. And as evil as it is, it now just looks like an ordinary statue.
The Doctor meets the Keeper but the creature fires a strange weapon from its eyes, aiming it at the Keeper.
The Beam kills the keeper and the other Trakens start rebelling against the Doctor and Adric.
Tremas trusts the Doctor and belives them when they say that they are in fact innocent.
Adric Meets Nyssa who helps them.
As Kassia tends to Melker, he spoke and told her to befreind and kill her people, taking the place as Keeper.
The Doctor realises that the Malkur creature is in fact a TARDIS for the Master.
This time, the Master aims to steal a body but in doing so almost destroys Traken.
The Doctor blows up the Masters TARDIS hoping that he will die and burn in the flames.
But when he and Adric leave, they have no idea that the Master has survived
Tremas rests his hands on the Masters TARDIS but can't remove them, Suddenly the Master appears and Takes his body.
The First words out of his new mouth are, "A new Body at Last"...

1981 (Four Episodes)

The TARDIS lands on Earth in 1981 when the cloister bell rings, warning them of Danger.
The TARDIS lands right next to an ordinary police box.
The Doctor comments that he wants to measure the dimensions on an ordinary police box and at the same time, fix the Chamelion Circuits once and for all.
He opens the door to the box and walks in but Adric but finds that this Police Box is in fact a TARDIS.
The TARDIS had 37 dimensions meaning that it had 37 difrent TARDIS consoles.
The Doctor takes Adric and Tegan, a young woman who accidentally wandered aboard,to the Planet Logopolis,home to a race of mathmaticians.
Once on Logopolis, the Doctor hopes to help in getting the TARDIS chamelion circuit fixed.
A creepy figure named the watcher, has brought Nyssa from Traken to the planet and warns the four of them of impending danger.
The danger is an old foe the master who has already killed masses of Logopolitans.
The Leader known as the Moniter has been working out the calculations of how to fix the TARDIS .
But When he thinks he knows the answer,the four of them all gather round as the Time Machine starts to shrink.
Eventually the Moniter mends it but the master is still at loose.
The Moniter reveals that logopolis is the key to the universe, if it is destroyed then so is the rest of the universe.
the Doctor agrees to help the Master prevent this from happening.
He tells his friends to enter the TARDIS and the freaky watcher follows.
The Master abandons logopolis in his TARDIS and the Moniter dies.
The Watcher takes Nyssa and Adric out of time and space. The scanner screen reveals the universe the could see that the universe being destroyed and the solar system seems to only have a few hours left.
The Doctor also travels to Earth but the Master is on top of the Pharos Project A massive radio telescope.
The Doctor tries to stop the Master but it leaves him hanging from the telescope.
He fails to stop the Master and falls from the telescope.
The Watcher appears and merges into the Doctor. He regenerates and already he's in danger...


The newly regenerated Doctor escapes to the TARDIS with Nyssa, Tegan and Adric to help him.
Suffering from post-regenaration trauma, he only just manages to save the ship from destruction.
The TARDIS is heading back in time to event one, the hydrogen inrush that first created the Universe.
The Master appears on the screen with Adric held prisoner in his TARDIS and bids Nyssa and Tegan farewell forever.
The doctor previously set the co-ordinates for the healing planet of Castrovalva and seeks rest in their peaceful domain.
Nyssa and Tegan carry the Doctor to the city, in a Zero cabinet-A box made from jettisoned doors of the TARDIS that form a strange healing enviroment.
They see the city perched on top of a rocky mountain and hide the Zero Room to try and find an entrance.
They pick up the Cabinet once again when they suddenly notice that it has become much lighter.
The Doctor is missing and they find blood on the

With the evidence complete, the Doctor learns that the Master has gained illicit access to the Matrix in his TARDIS. Glitz is now revealed to be the Master's associate and the 'secrets' to be information stolen from the Matrix.

The Valeyard admits his identity as a distillation of the dark side of the Doctor's nature, somewhere between his twelfth and thirteenth incarnations, out to take control over his remaining lives.

With the help of Mel, who along with Glitz has been brought to the space station by the Master, the Doctor defeats his future self - although, as they leave in the TARDIS with all charges in the trial having been dropped, it appears that the Valeyard has taken over the body of the Keeper of the Matrix and may not have been as completely vanquished as they had thought...

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