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Ise Sea Paradise

This is my favorite aquarium.
It is in the town of Ise.

Ise Shima area is on the sea coast.
There is a new and big aquarium in Toba, the next town of Ise.
But I strongly recomend Ise Sea Paradise better!

It is a very old and small aquarium.

The show on the stage is not really gorgeous,
but its concept is "distance zero" with marine animals.
It is really true.
They give many kinds of experience activities
to get closer to sea animals and fish.

Since this aquarium is not crowded,
we can enjoy watching and joining the events without stress.
My mom loves about it.

Fish tank area has been reformed into a nice room.
I think it is really good for couples to visit on a date.

Otters are very popular in Japan.

We can shake hands with them through the pipe.
Their hands are so soft and cute!

Harbor seals take a walk once in a while,
and we can watch them very closely.

Walruses are very popular in this aquarium.
They are really talented and their show is really fun!
It is surprising that we can go so close to this big animal.

We didn't really check the time schedule to go,
but so many events are going on and never got bored there.

We can be touched (eaten?) by tiny fish, too.
Everyone loves doctor fish!

It is nice that I didn't have to wait to find space.
I could take time here and relax
after I played with dolphins under sunshine heat.

One of the reason I looove this place is these dolphins!

They bring balls to us when they want to play catch.

And we can play catch with them.

It is just fun! They are really really good at it.
They throw the ball to the wall and play by themselves, too.
We have to wait until they feel like playing with us.
The best timing is after lunch time.
They are very active.

After the walrus show, we can take photo.
They are very calm and patient. Lovely!

All of above don't need extra pay.
It is really nice.

This event cost 500yen and only 10 people a day.
(5 people at one time, 2 times a day, age over 4)
Holding a harbor seal on the lap!

She was very heavy, but really cute, and nice to touch!
I arrived the aquarium about 10:00am,
and I got the last ticket for the event.
I was very lucky!

Ise Sea Paradise
If you have a chance to visit Ise,
please visit here to meet cute animals and fish,
and also visit Meotoiwa (a married couple rocks)
It is a famous spot loved by Japanese people from ancient times.
Hiroshige Ando draw Meotoiwa in his Ukiyoe, too.
It is in the same place as the aquarium.
There are restaurants and souvenir shops, too.

Ise ebi(Japanese spiny lobster)

We call Japanese spiny lobster "ise-ebi".
This name came from this town.

We stopped at a seafood restaurant.

Here are pools where seafoods are kept alive.

Clams, Sazaes...I am so excited!!

Here they are!

I want ise-ebi for my lunch!

Kaisen-don!! Yeah!

So many kinds of fish and seafoods!
On the top, there were ise-ebi, and two other shrimps.
One jumped out from the bowl three times.
I felt sorry to eat him, but I said "Itadakimasu",
and had eaten all of the bowl.
It was 3,600yen with seafood miso soup,
cost more than we paied for two people in aquarium...
but it worth.

"Itadakimasu" is a word we say before meal.
It means I humbly and gratefully recieve the lives from the nature,
and the dish someone cooked for me.
(and also someone who payed for the dish, my mom said.)

Rainbow Line

Rainbow line is a driveway
in Wakasawan Quasi-National Park.

It goes up to the top of a mountain,
and there is a summit park.
You can look down Mikata five lakes
and Wakasa bay ria coast.

From the parking, we take a lift
or a cable car to the summit park.

Amazing view!
My sandal almost fell off...ooops!

This area is famous for plum,
so we had plum ice cream.

Rainbow umbrella was free to use
to avoid rain or sunlight. Cute!

A famous singer Itsuki Hiroshi was born
around here and we hear his song
from this monument.

This place is one of "Lover's sanctuary" .
It is a project to encourage couples
for dating and proposing
in a beautiful place like this.
I don't know if it really helps
solving the problem of declining birthrate,
but there were many couples...

I want to come back with my boyfriend
sometime in future.

Rainbow Line

This red face man is calledTengu .
It says wish, and pottery dish.
We write our wish on this dish, and...

Throw it away to the mountain!

The dish is made of soil and goes back to the mountain,
and our wish come true.
I wished for my exam passing.

Summit park is a fun place for kids, too.
There were some playground equipments.

I liked the swing very much.

You can take a foot bath for free here.

The weather was nice, and the scenery was wonderful.
I really liked it here!

Kehi no matsubara

We decided to go on for a drive to Wakasa bay.
Wakasa is in the coast of Sea of Japan.
This area is called Wakasa Wan Quasi-National Park.
Kehi no matsubaa is a part of this park.

Kehi is the name of the place,
and matsubara means pine tree woods along the beach.
It is in Tsuruga, Fukui prefecture.

It is one of the 3 best matsubara in Japan,
as well as Niji (in Saga), and Miho (in Shizuoka).

Pine trees are very tall.

The scenery of Kehino matsuba has been loved by
many artists since ancient periods.
There are many poems and arts about the place.

Now, people are fishing along the shore.
Some people are having BBQ party in the tree shade.

They have a several famous event on the beach,
like lantern floating festival and fireworks.

The water was still very cold,
but in summer there will be many people swimming here.

I hope this pine tree woods will be kept beautifully
for a long time in future.

Saba Kaido

On the way back from Wakasa to Osaka,
we went through Saba Kaido.
Saba is mackerel. Kaido means road.
Saba Kaido is named after the road
to bring sea food from Wakasa to kyoto.

There was a post town called Kumagawa on Saba Kaido.
We stopped by its rest area.
There were shops and a small museum about Saba kaido.

Wakasa bay is at the top, and Lake Biwa on the right.
Saba kaido goes all the way down to Kyoto,
going over many mountains.
They walked all day to bring fresh fish to people in Kyoto.
Some people died because it is a cold and snowy mountain area.

They had heavy luggage on their back or shoulder full of fish.
I could experience how heavy it was in this museum.
It was very heavy and my shoulders hurt so much.

I am lucky to live in a convenient world.

I got this kamaoboko (fish cake, steamed fish paste) for snack.

I wonder what ancient people say if they see our life now.

Sabakaido Japanese

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