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I became Junior Highschool student.
I joined a table tennis club and practice everyday after school.
Also I go to cram school 3 times a week until 10pm.
I am too busy to write this blog for now.
Please understand...

I'm Manaka.
Born in 2007
I live in Osaka.

Osaka is in the west
part of Japan.
Kyoto and Nara are
neighbors of Osaka.

I would like to introduce
Japanese life, culture,
and sceneries.


My pet rabbit.
His name is 大福 Daifuku.
It means very lucky.

I love living things.
Animals, insects, fish,
and many others.

I want to work in a zoo
as a vet when I grow up.

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A life in Japan...from Osaka - Konnichiwa (Countries of the World - Culture)    -    Author : Manaka - Japan

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