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Trips in Osaka

Osaka Museum of History

We are now in holiday.
It is called "Golden Week".
This year is very special 10 days holiday.

Current Emperor (the 125th) will leave the throne on April 30th,
and crown pince will take the throne on May 1st.

Today, I went to Osaka History Museum with my friends.

It is near Osaka Castle.
Osaka castle park is just across the road.

We entered the building, and met volunteer guides.
They explained and showed us the ruins of Naniwanomiya palace.
The red circles on the floor is the place where pillars were.

They took us to the basement of the building,
and there, the ruins were kept under the concrete basement!

We could clearly see the holes where the pillar used to be
more than 1300 years ago!

The 36th emperor of Japan moved the capital
from Asuka, Nara to here in Osaka.
The first palace of Naniwanomiya was built in 652.
It burned down by fire in 686.
It was re-built by order of the 45th Emperor,
but the capital was moved to Heijo, Nara,
and since then, Naniwanomiya had been a mystery of history
until it was discovered by an archaeologist in 1961.

I knew there were ancient capital cities in Nara and Kyoto,
Osaka was once a capital of Japan, and the emperor was living
on this land!

We are looking at the ruins of the storage building in the palace.
There used to be many of them around here.

The guide explained how they built it.

We are learning history of Japan in grade 6.
I think it is very interesting to visit
a place where the history actually took place.

Osaka Museum of History

The exhibition about Naniwanomiya palace.
This is the hall of Imperial palace.
We are with court ladies.

Starting from 10th floor,
we learned about ancient period,
9th floor is about middle and early modern period.

We experienced to become a shop owner
of money exchange business.
It was fun!

The 8th floor was about Archaeology.
We played pazzles, and learned about
ancient Japanese pottery.

It was jus fun to look around!

In this museum, we can learn a lot
about history of Osaka and Japan.

...I have flat feet and sometimes
my legs and heels hurt really bad
and it is hard for me to walk for a long time.
So I borrowed wheel chair.
It will be OK when I rest enough and get treatment.
Nothing to worry too much!

Korea Town in Ikuno

I visited Korea Town in Ikuno.
Tsuruhashi is a famous Korea Town, and
Ikuno is about 15-20 minutes walk away
from Tsuruhashi.

This is the main street of Korea Town in Ikuno.
It is small compard to the one in Tokyo, my mom said.
It was weekend, and the street was very crowded.

First, I saw many people eating this on the street,
so, I tried. Cheese-dog.

I was happy to have it finally.
It was yummy as I heared from many friends.

I wanted to come to Korea Town because I wanted to buy
some goods of Black Pink.

I looked around several shops and found some nice ones.

I got these...

Stickers, I can exchange with my friends at school.
I am really happy!

On the way back home, we had Kim-pabb and Hot-tokk.

Yummy yummy!

My mom often visit here with her friends.
She learned how to make Kimchi in a cooking school here.
I think it is nice to have a place like this,
so that we can enjoy shopping, and also learn different cultures.
Is there any Little Japan, or Japanese town in your city?

Expo’70 Commemorative Park

As you see it in the name,
The Exopo' 70 was held in this place.

This is Tower of the Sun,
designed by Taro Okamoto.

This is a big park now and
there are many events are held
every weekend.

Today, the company where my dad works for
held a sport meet here.

They have the event every year, and
all the families gather to enjoy it.
I love it, too.

We have Obento (lunch box), snacks,
playing attractions, and food stands.

After the event we walked around
in the park, and found cosmos flower field.

Even after the big typhoon, they were
beautifully blooming.

Expo 2025 will be held in Osaka.
I wonder how it will be.
I will be 18 years old by then.
Maybe I will join as a volunteer,
and will guide you in Expo!

Osaka Castle

This is Osaka castle.
It was built in 1583.

This is Gokuraku-bashi,
bridge of heaven.

You can across the moat.

Tourists enjoy the boat here.
I think the ticket is very expensive,
but I want to try someday.

New restaurants and souvenir shops
are open in an old museum building.

There was a shop of Ninja, too.

The castle is concrete reproducted.
The original had been demolished
Some of the structures still remains.

I think Japanese castles are
unique and beautiful.

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