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A life in Japan...from Osaka - Wakayama


Trips to Wakayama

Shirahama, Wakayama

Shirahama is a popular beach town.
There are also onsen(hot springs),
zoo, aquarium, amusement park,
fish market, etc..

On the way back to Osaka,
we saw fireworks.

We can not miss fireworks
to talk about summer in Japan.

Camping in Shionomisaki

I went camping in Shionomisaki in Wakayama.
Wakayama is in the South of Osaka,
and Shionomisaki is the Southernmost of
the main island of Japan.

We went to a beach.
I cannot swim very well, but I enjoy it.

Old lighthouse in Kashinozaki point.

Aquarium of Shrimp and Crabs
in Susami town.
I touched horseshoe crabs!

At night, I saw the milkyway and shooting stars.

We stayed there for two nights only,
because typhoon was coming.

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