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My Favorites

Here, I wold like to introduce myself and answer for the questions I got from my penpals!

My Favorite Snacks

I like snacks.
Many of the snacks are junk food,
but it taste good.
Here are some of my favorites!
If you have a chance to come to Japan,
please try them!

Pizza Potato

Cheese coated pizza flavor potato chips.

Ichigo Pocky

Strawberry taste chocolate coating the stick
of cute heart shaped cookie.

Bonchi age

Fried rice cracker with sweet soy sauce taste.

Sapporo potato BBQ

Potato snack. I think it is curry taste.
The name comes from the shape of the grill net.


Fuwatto means fluffy.
It is a rice snack but melt soon in the mouth.
Shrimp flavor.

Well, I will change the list sometime, because
there are more I want to introduce!

My Favorite TV Anime

***I am now crazy about***
鬼滅の刃 demon slayer
This anime is a big hit in Japan, not only for kids,
but loved many people of all ages.
My favorite character is Tanjiro.

ツイステッドワンダーランド twisted wonderland
This is the smartphon game.
It's all about desny villains.

***I watch almost every week***
ドラえもん Doraemon
My parents watched it when they were kids, Friday at 7pm, same as now.I love it and watch it every week.

サザエさん Sazae-san
TV show started in 1969.It is the longest airing anime show and its record is on the guinness book. We have a word "Sazaesan-syndrome" meaning that people who get depressed about Monday coming, and going back to school, company, etc... It has been airing in the Sunday evening.

ちびまる子ちゃん Chibi Marukochan
My mom was reading this comic when she was in elementary school. It became anime and start airing on TV in 1990. She is well know character in Japan now. This is a story about a girl and her life in 1970s.“Comic is much more funny”, my mom said, but anime is good, too.

*** I watched before, and still love***
はたらく細胞 Cells at Work!
結界師 Kekkaishi -Barrier Master
夏目友人帳 Natsume’s Book of Friends
蟲師 Mushishi
地獄少女 Hell girl
ちはやふる Chihayahuru
12歳 Age 12

***I used to watch when I was little***
アンパンマン Anpanman
プリキュア Pretty Cure
スイートプリキュア Suite PreCure
ポケットモンスター Poket Monster
妖怪ウォッチ Youkai Watch

There are too many anime to watch in Japan. I only watch the ones that my parents said OK to watch. Some are too violent, and some are too scary, mean or dirty for little kids to see. But also, you can learn many things from anime, too. I also love most of the animation movies from Disney, and Ghibli, too.

My Favorite Comics


Kimetsu no yaiba
By Koyoharu Gotoge

Demon slayer
Story is about a boy who become
a demon slayer to find a cure
for his sister bitten by a demon.
The boy named Tanjiro fights with
many demons and grows up in skill
to defeat the head of enemy demons.


The Animal Doctor
By Noriko Sasaki

It is about students
to become an animal doctor.
Stories about many animals.
I love animals and characters
In this comic.


By Osamu Tezuka

It is about genius doctor
without official license.
Medical drama.

My favorite TV show


Sekaino hatemade itte Q!

Comedians go out to many foreign countries,
and they challenge funny things.


Sekai! Nippon ikitaihito ouendan

The program invites people from
all over the world
to learn and experience
Japanese culture.
You may have a chance, too!


Ikimononi Thank you!
Program to introduce cute animals.
Not only it makes me smile, but
I can learn a lot about nature.

I watch this every week.
It is a fun show.

My favorite music

K-pop is now very popular in the world.
Of course it is popular in Japan, too.


This is my favorite girls group.
My parents like them, too.
So we went to the concert together.

I like their music, dance and fashion.
My favorite member is Lisa.


EXO is the first group
I became to know in K-pop.

I like Chanyeol,
and my mom loves D.O.
We go concerts together
every year.

I like BTS and TWICE, too.
K-pop seems more popular than
Japanese music among my friends...

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