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Trips to Hyogo

Himeji Central Park

My parents took me to a Safari park
for my 11th birthday.
It is in Himeji.
It is one of 10 Safari parks in Japan.

It was my first time in Safari park.

Watching animals from car was exciting.

We could go through the area
As many times as we want.

We went through for three times.
Everytime I enjoyed it.

There seemed to be a special tour bus.
I would like to try that next time!

Himeji Central Park is big.
Safari area, zoo area, amusement park area,
and swimming pool(only in summer).

We didn't have time to go to the amusement park area.

Walking safari is a zoo area.

Friendly animals are so cute!


There was a training show of owls.
They are really smart!

There you have a chance to feed
lions and tigers.

I was a bit nervous, but it was exciting!

Animal Doctor experience
in Himeji Central Park


I joined a tour to become an animal doctor!

I got a white coat, name tag!
I'm ready!

We learned how to use a stethoscope.

We listened to the heartbeat of guinea pigs, and dogs.

We had some lectures about animals and
the job of animal doctor.

This is an x-ray of a snake!

We tried a blowgun for bigger animals.
I did very well on this.

It was a short time, but very good experience.


Ritsuunkyo is a popular view point to see
the ruins of Takeda castle on the cloud.

We started climbing up the mountain
at 4:30 in the morning.

Night hiking is exciting!

There are many people waiting.
We are waiting for sunrise.
It is almost 6 am.

The sun warms up the river and
it makes clouds.

We now see the sea of cloud!

The sea of cloud was really beautiful,
and I was really happy to see it.
Unfortunately, the cloud was too thick this day,
and we could not see the castle on the cloud.

If you are very lucky,
and if you have a good camera,
You can see the scenery like this!

This is the Ruins of Takeda Castle on the sea of cloud.

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Ruins of Takeda castle

We wanted to go see the Ruins of Takeda castle.
It is on the top of a mountain.

We went up stairs about 40 minutes.

And here we are!

These are only the base part (Ishigaki) of the castle.
They are here for over 400 years like this.
It was an important fortress castle and
had been involved in many battles during 1400-1600.

I am here!

How did they bring all the rocks
and built this Ishigaki here?

This is an ice cream of Takeda castle on the cloud!

武庫川渓谷 廃線敷
Mukogawa Valley
Discontinued Railway Track

This is Mukogawa Valley.
Muko(gawa) river runs through Southeastern part of Hyogo prefecture,
and flows into Osaka bay.

There used to be a railway line.
It closed it's business in 1986.
Now it is a popular hiking trail.

We go through 6 dark tunnels.
The longest one is 413m.
Scary? No, no... it's fun!

There, you can find bats!

I saw bats in the zoo the other day,
but seeing the wild one is more exiting!
We found 4 kinds of bats in this trail.

This trail is good in spring to see cherry blossoms.
You can play in a small rivers, too.
There is a hot spring called Takedao Onsen.
You can take a free foot bath, too.

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