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In a large forest, life a squirrel family, Épine and Gland are small squirrels full of energy. Oak, Father, and Flore Mother decided that they were big enough to start to know the forest and learn how to jump from tree to tree.

Épine and Gland noticed one day that there was a linden all by itself, there were only oaks, which is not normal for a very old tree. When they told this to their relative, they did not believe them because they never saw him. Épine and Gland then decide to conduct the survey on their own, but small, who knows the forest, they will have many worries from their parent and men who walk in the forest, which is quite rare. And then, when they want to climb on the tree it sticks.
Will they arrive at the secret of this linden without friends?

Chapter I

Gland awoke, slept beside his sister Épine, his mother no longer slept, his nest was cold, like that of the father. He looked all around his hole and looked at the hole that was on the ground, he dashed into it and landed in another hole where they were eating, they had two holes.
His mother looked at him.

Flore: You're already awake?

Gland: Yes, Daddy is going to get food?

- Yes, wake up your sister.

- Yes mom. And he began to jump to climb the branch his father had snatched to make
A kind of staircase.

On reaching the first floor, Gland advanced gently from Épine, shaking it lightly.

Gland: Thorn, we must wake up.

Thorn: Mumm.

- Go Thorn ...
She stretched and straightened up.

- Hey, you're tired ...

- It's not my fault, you move everywhere.

Gland: Stop saying anything ... He could not continue his sentence because he heard his mother's voice.

Flore: Come and eat! Your father is back!

Gland and Épine: Oui maman ...

Gland squirmed to get down from the hole, but Épine stumbled over him.

Gland looking at Thorn the legs apart: You could not pay attention?

Épine: Sorry ...

- Well, come on.

Then the first descended from Gland.

Oak: Happy children!

Épine et Gland: Happy daddy!

Flore: So, let's get back to you for breakfast.

"Good nut!"

Thorn bouncing everywhere: Great! My favorite dish !

Gland: You want to collapse the ground by jumping.

Épine stopped on it, and Gland was ashamed to make her sad.

Flore: So says Ghent? Said pardon to Épine.

Gland grumbled:
- Pardon Thorn ...

And the squirrel family began their meal.

Flore: And if for once you took Epine and Gland out.

Épine: Our first walk?

- Okay, this afternoon I leave.
Gland chased Thorn into the hole, they were all excited to go out.
Suddenly Gland stopped.

Gland: How to jump from tree to tree.

Épine: Do not worry, Daddy will tell us.

- What if I fall?

- He'll catch up with you. Allé Gland, do not worry and keep playing with me.

Then Gland took the pursuit of Épine and ended up having it when:

Flora: Thorn, Tassel! It's time !

Thorn rushed, but Gland less enchanted walked less fast.

Oak was waiting for them in front of the entrance.
He waited for the two little squirrels to stand before him.
They skirted their oak, Gland was impressed by the scenery
Arrived at the end of a branch:

Oak: First to pass from branch to branch one must have confidence in it, then one flexes well the hind legs, and of a good one springs and steals catch another branch then to get in balance . Viewed.

Oak made its leap to another branch. Gland wondered if he would succeed in doing the same.
Thorn began in first and arrived perfectly.
When Gland's turn came, he trembled. Oak repeated:

- Trust in you!

Easy to say ... Gland said.

Gland sprang forward, catching the branch with his paw, frightened, he thought that it had finished for him.

- Help !!!!

Oak rushed to the end of the leaning branch.

- Take my paw Gland. Said Oak calmly, stretching out his paw.
With his paw which held nothing he seized that of his father, once with four legs on the branch Oak resumed its way.
They arrived in a place where six trees skirted a small sandy plain.

Oak: Here it is called sandy points.

Épine: But it's not sharp.

- Yes, but it's called that, it's not me who decides the names.

Gland: It's beautiful ...

Épine: Can we go?

Oak: Okay but not very long.

Thorn descended like an arrow from the tree to reach the sandy points.

Gland: Thank you Dad.

Then in his turn he went down, that less he had to do.
Throwing themselves out of the sand, Épine and Gland amused themselves like madmen, at the end of seven minutes, Chêne called them
"Come on, we do not have much time and I have to show you the river.

Gland: There's a river?

- Of course, it is she who allows us to have a small stream near the Oak.

They set out for the river, arrived, Gland had a shiver, it was immense and made a lot of noise, a waterfall of two meters was to his left. Gland was memorized of almost everything his father had taught them.

Épine: It makes you want to bathe.

Oak: You are mad, if you go there you will be carried away by the run and you will crash on a rock one day or the other.
Thorn grumbled.

Oak: Let's go back to our oak, tomorrow we will continue, on the way home we can look for acorns.


Gland wore three acorns in his mouth when they were in the oak.

Flore: Ah, here you are.

Gland did not have time to say cuckoo that Épine let go of his acorns and told everything to his mother, Gland was on not to tell his version.
In his dream Gland was in the sandy points all alone, he was screaming but nobody came to see him, he was lost, then he walked for a long time and reached a huge tree that was going to fall, and the tree collapsed on him.

Gland: Help !!

Thorn: Fall!

Gland had awakened and found Épine stared at him.
Épine: Stop shuddering as if a fox were chasing you.

Gland: You've never seen a fox.

- Yeah, but Mom told us stories about it.

- Good excuse me ...

Gland fell asleep at once.

Chapter II

Épine looked at Gland, who was looking in the distance. They had gone with their father to look for food, Thorn was too eager to go jumping from tree to tree again, but she was afraid for her brother who skidded all the time despite catching up every time, and if one day he fell? She would lose her brother forever.

Oak: Let's go through here, there is a place with a lot of hazelnut, it's called La Plaine des hazels.
Thorn often looked behind her to see if Gland was still following.
Suddenly they stopped, she knew that it was there "the plain of the hazel trees".
Full of hazelnuts were on the ground, Thorn rushed down from the tree. Oak interrupted him.

- Not so fast, the hazelnuts that are on the ground are more likely to have been eaten by animal insects
that which are in their tree, ascends.

Thorny, ashamed of not having asked and of having acted badly went up.

Oak: Go, take the hazelnuts from this tree there.

Épine et Gland: Okay, Dad.

"I'm going to see my brother who does not live far, you stay wise, are not you?"

- Yes Dad.

Tender that Oak was moving away, Thorn held out its tail to another tree:

- This tree is more garnit and these fruits look better, you come with me to take rather the hazelnuts of it?

- But we must obey dad ...

- But like me I absolutely want to go you must come, we must not get away between us. And then it's not that far ...

- Well, well, you won Thorn, I come, what would Daddy say if I told him I had left my little sisters alone ...?

Thorn proud to have won party in first to the tree that wanted.
She climbed up and waited on a branch Gland. When he reached her, she led him to the end of a branch to pick a few nuts. But the branch tilted, Thorn did not even notice.

Gland: Are you sure this is not dangerous?

Thorn without even raising his head: But no, you worry too much ...

But that's where the branch gave way, Gland and Thorn fell and made a big roll for ten seconds. They found themselves face to face with a large lime-tree.
Épine raised her head without saying a word.

Gland: How big is this lime tree, it must be more than a thousand years old!

Thorn: You charred, I would say more than seven hundred years.

"Even so!" It must be very old !!!

Épine and Gland remained motionless in the silence for two minutes.
When Gland cut off this silence by declaring.

- How does that make him the only linden? A tree is normally never without another close to him, there are only six to put a few oaks.

- I do not understand.

- What if we did an investigation?

- No, we have to tell Dad and Mom. You come, since we have fallen here, we must turn back, until we find the plain of the hazel trees.

While walking, Épine was sure that Gland was trying to memorize the path.
When they arrived they saw Oak shouting everywhere!

- Gland !! Thorn !! Where are you ?!!

- We are here !!

Screamed the two little squirrels running to see him.

- Where have you been ? asked Reassured Oak. No need, you would explain yourself in our oak.

- Okay, Dad.

Oak looked stern. Épine realized that he was not happy.


"... And we fell off the branch and then we rolled a boule, and finally we fell on a linden tree, we wanted to ask you how it was that it was all alone? "

Flore: It is not possible that there is no other tree near him, and what I conclude is that you tell us lies!

- These are not lies ...
"I do not want to hear you anymore!" You are punished, for two days you will stay at the second hole and you will not go out.

Gland and Épine very sad climbed to the second hole. Lengthened.

Gland: But we did not dream ...

Épine: I am sure we are the first to discover this lime tree. I finally suggest that when we get out of this punishment, we have an investigation.
- Yes Super ! And if it were called this lime-tree "the linden without friend"

- Yes !

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Le secret du Tilleul sans ami, voici mon histoire sur des écureuils. - Anglais/ english (Loisirs - Autres)    -    Auteur : Soizic - France

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