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On this page, you will find lots of Fun facts about wolves. It is a fun page and there are lots of pictures all around for you to look at! Make sure to leave a comment in our Guest book, Forum and go check out our Survey! I would love for you to tell me what I could improve on in this Blog!

Fun Fact 1:
The closest dog relative to a wolf is not, in fact, a husky! The closest dog breeds are; Chow Chows, Akitas, Alaskan Malamutes and Shiba Inus. This may seem surprising, but it's a true fact!
Fun Fact 2:
For the second fun Fact, wolves are, in fact, the largest members of the Canines/Dog Family!
Fun Fact 3:
‘Canis Lupis‘ is Latin for Grey Wolf, which is the most common wolf and it is also believed that the Red Wolf (also known in Latin as ‘Canis Rufus‘) is to be a cross-breed of Grey Wolf and coyote.
Fun Fact 4:
For Fun Fact number 4, the fact is that, surprisingly, wolves can live up to packs of up to 30 members! This is because the female wolves can have up to 6 pups (babies)!
Fun Fact 5:
Astonishingly, a single wolf can be up to 5ft in length, standing at 3ft and one of the heaviest female wolves on record weighed 130lbs (58kg)! Usually, male wolves only weigh 30-80kg and females at 20-55kg.
Fun Fact 6:
Wolves aren't picky with food, but they would generally prefer larger prey such as deer. However, sometimes settling for something smaller, such as rabbit.
Fun Fact 7:
Wolves are estimated to live up to 13 years of age, which is quite sad. However, wolves hearing is 20x better than ours! Just imagine that!
Fun Fact 8:
The strongest male and female pairing lead the pack and are known as ‘alphas’. Pack alphas are the only couple to mate in a pack.
Fun Fact 9:
Wolves noses are also hyper sensitive, 100x better that ours!! That's astounding and it's a lot better than ours!
Fun Fact 10:
A single wolf can eat up to 9kg on one meal alone! This includes the bones, fur and meat. Also, wolves can travel up to 200km in 24 hours! This means they travel around a lot.

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