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Submitting your Character
How to submit your character
When you are on the site, you need to enter your wolf's name instead of your own name. Select a country then write your message to submit your character. All you will have to type is:
Your wolfs name, gender, eye colour, fur colour, age(elder adult teen,pup), personality(optional), life story(optional). After you have submitted your wolf, the owner of the club(me) will tell you if you are a member of Wild and Wolf Roleplay or not. If you choose not to obey the rules, you will be kicked out of the club.
Beware the wolf
He Hunts at night
On top the mountain he lays
His eyes aglow under the moonlight

Beware the wolf, his teeth red with blood
The taste of meat, the smell of freedom
He hunts, the prey falls with a thud

Beware the great grey wolf,
All Hail the King of the Pack
The leader, the destroyer, the Alpha
He is the one leading the attack
His eyes shine bright in moonlight
The hunt turned to food
In the dark blue night.
Top tips:
Read the Rules before you Roleplay!!
Make sure you know how to Roleplay!
Obey the rules!

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