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How to Roleplay
On this page
On this page, you will learn how to Roleplay. If you already know how, skip onto the next page or go to the site. This page is only for people who do not know how to Roleplay. Make sure you know how to submit your character and all of the rules before playing. On the site, there is a reminder for you.
Have fun!
Learn to how to Roleplay before
joining our club!
How to Roleplay
First things first, I advise you to never use any of your personnal details online, such as your own name or age.
If you do decide to tell your name, remember, it is your own fault if something happens.
An important thing to know is, when you are doing an action put * around them. Here is an example; Hi! *wags tail* You can also use [], - or ~.
Most people use * around their actions but you can choose what to put as long as other people understand.
When Roleplaying, address the other players as their characters, not people, like in this Roleplay, people are wolves so adress them as wolves or their wolf's name.
It is important to know how to RP, otherwise other people may not understand you.
Be creative, say things that wolves would 'say' and do things like wolves do.

Thanks for reading and have fun!
Remember The Roleplay!

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