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Obey the Rules of Roleplay or you will be kicked out of our club!
We don't have many rules but, you must know them before Roleplaying otherwise you may accidentally disobey these rules.
1. No character stealing- This rule is important because you do not want others stealing your character even if it's just the name.
2. No rudeness- We do not want anyone being rude to others, it isn't nice!
3. No name calling or swearing/rude words- Similar to Rule 2, this may offend people and it also isn't nice.
4. If your wolf has pups, you play them- This rule is because it may get confusing and we also need to keep track of our players.
5. If you are mating, no detail- This is because nobody wants to know detail about mating, keep it short like 'and we mated' or something like that.

Thanks for reading our Rules!

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