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1. Walk along Charles Bridge

The most famous and most crowded spot to be. The view over Moldau, up to Prague Castle is beautiful. I`d recommend the evening hours, the light is so nice during sundown. Take your time, listen to street musicians and simply enjoy the atmosphere. There are two or more statues that you should touch, because it brings you luck or may even make a wish come true. You can easily recognize them, the have shiny golden parts.

2. Take a boat trip along Moldau!

We did a 50 minutes tour called " Devil`s channel tour". There were only two other people, it was nearly like a private tour- we felt really privileged. You won`t see much new, but the short time drifting through the " Devil`s channel is really beautiful,it`s a small piece of Venice in Prague. Our captain was a nice and relaxed Czech who knew a lot about the city. I highly recommend it!

3. Get lost in the old town

Honestly. Don`t look at your map and just drift. Try to find the smallest alley and the loneliest place. You will be surprised. It works best with peanut butter ice cream from Creme de la Creme in your hands. Simply go wherever is looks interesting.

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