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1. Spanish Synagogue

You will be totally overwhelmed by its beauty! I couldn`t get enough of all the colorful patterns. Every pattern is handmade and unique. The dominant colors are dark green, dark red and gold. There is an interesting exihibition with ancient jewish pieces.

2. Bazilika sv. Petra a Pavla
( at Vysehrad)

A totally different kind of church, but just gotta use that word again- stunning! The Art Nouveau paintings are so pretty. The pastel colours work really well together and fill the Baroque building in a great way. You have to pay to get inside, but it is so worth it.

3. John Lennon Wall

" You may say i`m a dreamer, but i`m not the only one."
A worldwide known memorial for love, peace and equality. It started with rebellious students and became a great big project. A peaceful place full of smiling people in front of this really colourful wall. Walk along it and read all the clever quotes. Don`t forget to take a picture for social media...

4. DOX- Centre for Contemporary Art

A fresh young museum, runned and ruled by students. A bit out of town, but take tram number 17 (i guess) and you will be there in around 15 minutes. A cold white building that used to be factory and has the charme of a labyrinth.
During our visit they presented the " Big Bang Data" exhibition. It was really well designed and interesting. The airship " Gulliver" is a permanent part of the museum, i felt sick inside but it`s truly special and one of a kind.

Prague Castle

Sorry this program is broken, i can`t underline anything anymore. Whatever. Prague Castle is the main attraction of Prague and you just have to visit it. You will see it, soon after you arrive, it`s visible from many parts of the city. It`s located on a hill so you have to walk like a million steps to get up there, honestly it`s pretty exhausting, but you`ll make it. It`s a huge complex, the biggest of its kind in Europe i think. It`s clean and calm. The military is watching you, but not in a discomforting way. The president of the Czech Republic lives there and you can visit the St. Vitus Cathedral. There`s a really small way called " Golden Alley". After 5 pm you can visit it for free. Everything is small there. It`s a short street and the shops aren`t spectacular, but it`s famous.

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