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1. Wallenstein Garden

What a lovely place! It was a warm and sunny day, perfect for a break in this beautiful garden. A really idyllic and calm place. It`s not crowded at all. They are real peacocks walking around, one of them opened his feathers, man they are stunning! You will find some sculptures on the fountains ( and their sound is relaxing). Take a visit on this real life fairytale place and forget about all the city noise.

2. Vrtba Garden

Well, we thougt it was a secret, we saw FOUR Asian wedding couples taking pictures during our visit. Not a bad thing of course, but we were surprised. It is beautiful and romantic place indeed. It`s a special garden on three different height levels. And will you find the secret nostalgic atelier that made my mother and me longing...

3. Vysehrad

Hope i spelled that right...Look down on your map, in the south of new town, far away from all the tourists you will find this calm hideaway. I will mention its church in the next category sights. We enjoyed a different view over Prague and a lot of fresh green nature. They take good care of this park, it`s clean and pretty. There is also a beautiful cemetery with famous Czech people.

4. Frantiskaaska zahrada

I really small park, try to find it on the`s close to the Passage Lucerna. A calm green hideaway from the busy Wenceslas Square near by. A lot of ice cream eating people and children. Let the sun warm your nose and than keep on exploring Prague!

5. Kralovska zahrada ( King`s garden)

One the left side of the Prague Castle you`ll find this big romantic garden. It`s open till 6 pm. The best thing about this park is the different and beautiful view on the cathedral and the castle. At the end of the garden there`s the Letohradek Belveder, the castle Belvedere. It looks so new, royal and pretty with its blue elegant roof. Can you imagine arriving here for a ball...

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