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If you know me in person you know that i`m a vegetarian and if you know Prague, you might think : that`s not an easy combination...
Well, yes. Typical Czech food is meat, roast meat for example. But i prepared this journey really well and found some great vegetarian green (organic) cafes and restaurants. Mmh, we truly had some amazing food...and stay with it, i also found the very best cake...

1. Lehka Hlava ( Clear head)

Borsov 2 ( Stare Mesto)

We loved it! Lovely, dreamy, extraordinary place! The blue room with all those little stars on the top is so wonderful! The food was also amazing! All of it! This was food paradise. I had a baked wrap with spinach and pumpkin, delicious!!! And the service was really nice. Only corncern, the room moves a little bit, like a ship, so i felt a little sick after a while, but all in all an amazing experience. You will need reservation, it's crowded!

2. Maitrea
Týnská ulička

The sister restaurant of Lehka Hlava. Also with a great menu. I tried a burrito with beans, rice, fried was so good! My mom had noodles with a peanut sauce-yummy! Their sister wins the price for the best design, but this also a unique and comfortable place. The staff is nice and funny. Oh and my brother said that he ate the best veggie burger of his life, man it contained lot of smoke flavour...

3. IF Cafe

Tylovo Nám. 645/2

We were looking for the best cake- and we found it! The little cakes look gorgeous, like a work of art, and taste delicious. They aren`t too heavy, fresh and creamy. For this high quality it`s still affordable. The good music and nice service made it a great experience. And coffee is also good!

4. Beas Dhaba


Vegetarian Indian fast food and so delicious! I really enjoy Indian food and this was an authentic well spiced kind. There was only one other person during our visit, it was calm and perfect for hungry tourists. You pay by weigh, 100 g costs 22 kc ( less than one euro). They offered a great and various number of different healthy meals. Rice, sauce, Samosa, vegetable, Palek Paneer ( spinach and cheese)... It`s heaven when you`ve been eating sandwiches and cake for a week. If you like Indian food, you will love it.


It is what is sounds like. A Bakeshop. It`s a popular and crowded place. The food presentation is amazing- and the food itself too, of course. I had a pumpkin and feta quiche/pie and it was so good! We also had one cookie, they are huge, thick and with a lot of choclate-just as they should be!

Grand Cafe Orient

The best thing about this famous cafe is the interior. The original cubism design is very pretty and sitting there with a nice cup of coffee will make you feel like a member of high society. But wait...most of the people around you are tourists just like you. The staff was in a good mood, i remember one of the waiters in particular. A young Asian women was trying to take a selfie with her selfie stick for minutes. And he sneaked into the photo, was hilarious. The cake looked better than it tasted , but it was still good.

Boulangerie Au Gourmand

A traditional nostalgic French bakery. One step inside and you`ll think you`re in Paris ( Prague is actually the better version of Paris). The counter looks so good that you would like to buy everything! The cookies were great as well. I can`t decide which one i liked better- lemon or choclate-Howsoever, try them both!

Green Spirit Cafe

Nice staff, lovely backyard that made me feel like i was eating in a friend`s garden and and an interesting menu. The food and drinks were a little less great than i thought they would be, but still nice. I had a vegetarian burger with goat cheese and fried eggplant.

Little Break

Situated right next to the Spanish Synagogue. Tiny stylish place. They really put a lot of work and love into this cafe. A lot of great decorations that made me feel comfortable there. The menu is a way to long for such a small cafe, so you better order the things that are signed as homemade, like the pancakes that is had. Sugary, thick and dark, but so yummy! True soul food! My dad tried a burger and was really disappointed, it didn`t look tasty to me either. But my brother`s pizza was also good. Oh and try the homemade lemon lemonade, it`s the best i had in Prague, at least we all agreed on that.

Petite France

It was raining and it was cold. We needed a warm drink and a sweet treat. This bistro was on our way and we were happy about it. The serving lady was really nice. I tried a hot white chocolate. It was more chocolate than milk, thick, sweet and tasty! The pistachio brownie tasted just like dough, not in a good way, sorry.

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