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"Dr. No" (Germany)
-from Juliane-
Our first postcard from Germany featured Joseph Wiseman as Dr. No from the Bond film Dr. No (1962). In addition to her best wishes, Juliane also had a few words to say in German. This is also our first postcard that has a movie character on it, so it was a pleasant surprise. Danke, Juliane!

Electric Guitar (Russia)
-from Julia-

Julia, a 15 year-old from Moscow, says that it is one of the most beautiful cities in Russia, but that nothing can compare with the nature of Siberia. She describes Siberia as being "wild land where nature and man are inseparable. The majestic boreal forest, the largest forest in the world, is home to many species of birds, which anywhere else can not be found." Beautiful description! We haven't been here, but we can agree that it is probably an extraordinary place. Julia hopes to be a researcher of Siberia, and all things considered, that sounds like it would be an amazing experience to research there. Thanks for your postcard, Julia, and for giving us a glimpse of your country!

Bono (Ireland)
-from Petra-

Bono (b. 1960 as Paul David Hewson) is an Irish singer and songwriter famed for being the lead singer of popular rock band U2. Some of U2's most popular hits include "With Or Without You" and "Beautiful Day". On the back of the card, Petra told us some about herself and her country. Her current goal is working through a higher education level course, and the most interesting food she's tried so far are oysters. As for her home country of Ireland, she says, "Ireland is always wet, rain, rain, rain..." Thanks for the awesome card, Petra!
Royal Regalia - Moscow Kremlin (Russia)
-from Olga-

It took about two weeks for us to get this postcard from Russia, which features royal regalia (Russian empire) found in the Diamond Fund of Russia. The Diamond Fund is located in the Moscow Kremlin, and has many other royal ornaments on display. Aside from that, Olga told us that one of her favorite things to do is travel. She has been to 28 countries (wow!) and wants to discover more. The postcard itself is dazzling and one-of-a-kind. Many thanks to Olga for picking this out! It's easily one of our favorites.

Oveido Cathedral
-from Carlos-
Carlos, a 10 year-old from Spain, lives near the village of Oveido - and the postcard he sent features the cathedral there. The surrounding village looks very typical of something you'd see in Spain. He wrote that there were a lot of animals. Maybe in Oveido? The stamp on the postcard was cool, too. It had the 450th anniversary of the state of Florida on it! Thanks, Carlos!

St. Petersburg (Russia)
-from Dmitry-

Dmitry sent greetings from St. Petersburg, Russia's second-largest city and cultural center. Dmitry wrote that his city is "beautiful, rich in history, architecture, and attractions". The postcard is of the Sphinx in front of the Academy of Arts. Thank you Dmitry!

Tickets (Russia)
-from Igor-

This unique postcard was sent by Igor, a high school student living in western Russia. He described his city as being the "industrial heart" of the region. We aren't really sure what kind of tickets are covering the postcard, but it's really cool. Thanks so much, Igor!

Botanic Garden in Hof (Germany)
-from Lena-

Lena's postcard is of her park in the town of Hof, where she likes to go and take pictures. She shared a story that went with this postcard, which was funny. She also sent us a story that she wrote in German. Thank you for sharing with us, Lena!

Düsseldorf (Germany)
-from Cathleen-

We received this postcard of the city of Düsseldorf, located in western Germany. The city is divided by the Rhine River, with the Altstadt/Old Town on the east side, and the commercial areas to the west. Düsseldorf is in fact pretty well known for its fashion industry and art scene. One of the most famous sites there is the Rheinturm, a huge tower that is about 240 meters in height. It's a city we'd love to visit someday, so thanks for sending, Cathleen!

Perniki (Belarus)
-from Olya-
This card from Olya is of perniki cookies (or pierniki), types of gingerbread cookies popular in Poland. On December 6th, St. Nicholas makes his traditional rounds to children in Poland by leaving them these cookies. The postcard doesn't give out a recipe, but nonetheless gives us a good idea of how they can be made. Thanks, Olya!

Trip To France!
-from David-

David sent us this virtual tour of France, and all of the popular tourist attractions to see there. He's from Lyon, and claims that it is "the best city in France". Thank you for this amazing postcard, David!

Schloss Heidelberg
-from Ramona-
Ramona shared with us a postcard of Schloss Heidelberg, one of Germany's most famous historical castles. It dates to the 16th century and is located about an hour away from Frankfurt. On the postcard, it is pictured beyond the Old Bridge. Thank you, Ramona!
-from Katriina-

Katriina in Finland sent us this card of her country, which is also known as Suomi in Finland's native language (Finnish, obviously). It seems to have a pretty good representation of Finnish culture on it: a woman in cultural garb, a typical summer cottage, and a Midsummer bonfire celebration. Thanks for the awesome postcard, Katriina!

Bremen (Germany)
-from Lena-

One of the most interesting cards we have yet received has come from the city of Bremen in Germany, sent by Lena. When opened, the card folds out to reveal some of Bremen's most famous features. The front of the card depicts (from top left to right:) the Universum Science Center, the Bremen Town Musicians (which no postcard from Bremen can be complete without!), the SV Werder Bremen soccer stadium, and the Ferris wheel at Bremen's annual fair. Lena is a philosophy and literature student, is a fan of the Werder Bremen soccer team, and describes Bremen as a really lovely city. Thanks for writing, Lena!
Berlin, 1961 (Germany)
-from Denise-
Denise wrote us a postcard in German saying that she thinks the card portrayed one of the most famous historical moments in Berlin and Germany. She is in fact correct -- in 1961, there was a major occupational crisis in Berlin between the Soviet Union and the United States. It reminded us quite a bit of the movie Bridge of Spies, which was set around that frame of time. Danke, Denise!

Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck (Belgium)
-from Danielle-
Danielle in Belgium sent us this postcard of Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck, from the film Roman Holiday (1953). She likes collecting quotes, so she sent us this quote: "it feels good to be lost in the right direction". Seems a bit cryptic at first, but it can be true! She also sketched a funny little bird at the edge of the postcard. Thanks for the card, Danielle!

Audrey Hepburn (Germany)
-from Charlott and Gabrielle-

This is a card of Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in the 1961 film Breakfast at Tiffany's, sent by Charlott and her grandmother. Breakfast at Tiffany's was initially a novella until it was brought to the big screen. With her sense of attitude, spirit, and style, Holly Golightly exemplified the fashion tastes of the '60s and became a popular icon for years to come. Thank you for the card! We love it.
Birthday Wishes from Germany!
-from Siegfried/Siegie-

Our birthday was a few days before we got this card from Siegie in Germany, but that was no excuse. We really appreciated the thoughtful postcard! Other than wishing us a happy Birthday, Siegie said that some of his interests included football (soccer), fishing, and traveling.

Danke schoen, Sigie!

-from Klaudia-

Klaudia lives in Germany, but sent us a postcard of Poland, where she lived for a few years. The postcard may show the Tatra Mountain range. She writes that Poland was a boring country for her to live in, or so we read. Maybe something lost in translation? Nevertheless, thanks for the beautiful card, Klaudia!

Motorbike (Russia)
-from Dasha, Lisa, and Kristina-
This artsy card of a Parisian-esque motorbike came from Dasha, Lisa, and Kristina, three 12 year-old sisters living near Moscow. Some things to know about them is that they like music, art, and sports. Thank you for telling us about yourselves, and for the card!

Strawberries (Netherlands)
-from Jorrit-

Jorrit sent us a vibrant postcard of strawberries, a popular summer fruit in the Netherlands and one of his favorite foods! During the summer, they are known as zomerkoninkjes (summer kings). They look really delicious right now! Thanks Jorrit!
Minsk (Belarus)
-from Yulia-

Yulia sent us this postcard of the National Library in Minsk, which is in the capital of Belarus. What a huge library - and very contemporary-looking, too! Yulia mentioned that she had gone on a vacation to Spain, which she liked, and since she is a big fan of traveling, she hopes to go to England, the USA, Italy, and France sometime. That's a good bucket list!
Thanks, Yulia!

Cat In a Fridge (Russia)
-from Irina-

Kind of unorthodox, but definitely cute and funny, this postcard came from Irina, a 19 year-old student studying in medical school. She told us about her city - St. Petersburg - and how it's always overcast an raining. Besides having only a few sunny days per year, Irina loves the city for its comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. Thank you for the cool postcard, and for telling us about your city, Irina!

Lofoten Islands (Norway)
-from Siggi-

Siggi sent us a postcard of the Lofoten Islands, an archipelago situated in the northernmost regions of Germany. It is famed for its beaches, mountains, and untouched lands. However, Siggi is not from Norway, but France! She also lived in the USA for a few years and liked the San Francisco 49ers. Thank you for the postcard, Siggi! It's really cool.

Braunschweig (Germany)
-from Lothar-

Braunschweig is a city in Lower Saxony, and maybe the name rings a bell. That's because it's pretty well-known for its variety of sausages. Lothar, who sent us this postcard, enjoys astronomy, motorcycles, sports, and traveling often. About life, he says: "believe me, life is beautiful, enjoy it". Thank you for this interesting card, Lothar!

Blue Titmouse (Estonia)
-from Tuuli-

Tuuli sent a card of the blue titmouse, a bird native to Eurasia. Doesn't it look pretty in the winter foliage? One of her favorite quotes is from a movie called Peaceful Warrior: 'Sometimes you have to lose your mind before you come to your senses". In a way, that's very true! Thank you for sharing, Tuuli!
"Silence" (Russia)
-from Kristina-

This postcard from Kristina was perfect for us, since we both prefer silence over loud noises! The colors are really pretty, too. Apparently, there has been a huge heat wave in her town, possibly due to the meteor that crashed nearby in 2013. Yikes; that seems like a reasonable explanation. On our Postcrossing page, one of the things we wanted to hear from senders was their worst vacation experience. Kristina's was when she tried rum in Egypt.

Thank you for sending the cool card, Kristina!

Donbass Arena (Ukraine)
-from Olesya-
Donbass Arena is a stadium in Donetsk, Ukraine that is home to the team FC Shakhtar Donetsk. Oleysa wrote to us that she used to live in this city until the Russians invaded. Turns out that the stadium was damaged during the attack. This card was really surprising to us, and also special because it has a story to it. Thank you for the postcard, Olesya, and for writing.

Allianz Arena and Oberbayern

-from Sophie-
We swapped cards with Sophie, who in return sent us a card of Allianz Arena and her hometown of Oberbayern. Allianz Arena is in Munich, and is home of the team FC Bayern Munchen - Sophie's favorite team. It also hosted the 2006 World Cup. She had been to the stadium before and said that it was a lot of fun (looks like it!). The card also displays a photo of the cathedral of Our Dear Lady, 'Marienplatz', and town hall, also in Munich. On the card of Oberbayern, you can see famous areas of the city: the bridge over the Isar River with the city in the background; the historic market; the kalvavarienberg; city museum, and spa house. Sophie is a huge Hunger Games fan, and recommended the movies and books. And of course, her favorite actress is Jennifer Lawrence!
Thanks for swapping, Sophie!

Russian Symbols (Russia)

-from Irina-
This postcard is of two popular "symbols" in Russia: a samovar (a decorated tea urn) and cakes (which look similar to donuts). Irina enjoys reading, and her favorite authors are Sarah Jio (The Violets of March), Jojo Moyes (Me Before You) and Leo Tolstoy (War and Peace; Anna Karenina). Thank you Irina!

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