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Wichita, Kansas (USA)
-from Lori-

We received this postcard of the Wichita Water Wall from Lori of Wichita, Kansas on July 30th, 2016. This was our first postcard from Postcrossing, which was really exciting! She told us a little bit about herself - she has 3 kids, 2 of which are adopted, and holds season tickets to the Wichita State Shockers (college basketball). We thought this was pretty cool, since we have heard a lot about the Shockers. She mentioned that she will be running her 3rd half marathon, and wished us a happy upcoming birthday in August. Thanks for the awesome first postcard, Lori!

Austin, Texas (USA)
-from Bailey-
We swapped postcards with Bailey, who sent us a postcard of Austin, capital of the state of Texas. Austin is home to the University of Texas, has hosted the US Grand Prix, and is home to many parks, lakes, and a music scene centered around blues, folk, and country music. The postcard itself is of none other than the state capital building, which, according to the back of the postcard, is the second tallest capital building in the nation. Bailey mentioned that it's a beautiful place to see, and enjoys visiting it. Thank you for the postcard, Bailey!
New York City, NY (USA),
South Dakota (USA)

-from Frances-

Our second postcard came from Frances in NYC. Actually, she sent more than one, which was extremely generous! In addition to postcards of New York City and Carnegie Hall, she sent some from South Dakota (Badlands National Park, Mount Rushmore, and Custer State Park in the Black Hills). Frances also told us a lot about her interesting life - from teaching children in Africa to working an internship in Germany, and much more. Her favorite composer is Rachmaninoff.
Thanks for the awesome postcards, Frances!

Top left: Views of New York City
Top right: Carnegie Hall in NYC
Bottom left: Badlands National Park in South Dakota
Bottom right: Mount Rushmore
"The Perfect Play", Ohio State Football (USA)
-from Carol-
This postcard features a picture of the Ohio State football team playing the University of Northwestern, titled "The Perfect Play" and taken in 1916. Pretty neat! Carol added that she prefers basketball - specifically the Cleveland Cavaliers - to football. We weren't expecting to get a vintage football card, so this was special. Thanks!

Columbus and Ohio Stadium, Ohio (USA)
-from Cassandra-

We swapped cards with Cassandra, and she sent two: one of Columbus, Ohio's capital, and Ohio Stadium (aka the Shoe) at the Ohio State University. On the card portraying Ohio Stadium, the Buckeye marching band is performing the iconic script Ohio. Thanks for the cool cards, Cassandra!
Tampa Bay Rays (USA)

-from Lisa-

Lisa in Florida sent us a postcard of the Tampa Bay Rays, an MLB baseball team located in St. Petersburg, FL. The Rays play at Tropicana Field, which is a closed-in ballpark. We haven't really seen many baseball stadiums like this. It must be structured like this to avoid tropical storms. Despite having more downs than ups in the ballgame, Lisa says she enjoys supporting the team by attending games. Her favorite player/Ray is Kevin Kiermaier. Thanks for the cool card, Lisa!

Niagara Falls, Ontario (Canada)

-from Lionel-

Lionel sent us our first postcard from Canada, which is none other than Niagara Falls! The Falls are shared by Canada and the United States, and Lionel said that he "loves going and loves that we share them". He had some nice words to say, and described the special NHL stamps on the postcard (super cool!). Thanks, Lionel!
Red Balloons in Chinatown, California (USA)
-from Xuege-

Xuege, an exchange student from China studying in California, sent us this attractive postcard of red balloons hanging in Chinatown (located in San Francisco). She also mentioned an exhibit she visited, which she described as cool, and says her favorite band is (and always has been) Linkin Park. Thanks to Xuege for telling us a bit about herself, and sending the nice postcard!
The State of South Dakota/Mount Rushmore (USA)
-from Ruth-

We were super happy to receive two postcards from South Dakota in the mail! One of them was a state map, and the other was of Mount Rushmore. Ruth wished us a happy birthday, and said that she got these postcards from a vacation to SoDak. She also has family members who live there, and says it's a lot of fun to visit. Sounds like it is - it's on our list of places to go! Thanks for the awesome postcards, Ruth!

Old Sacramento, California (USA)
-from Jenny-

Jenny, a mom of four living in Oregon, sent us this postcard she got while waiting in the Oakland airport for ten hours (That's a pretty long time - it must've been boring just sitting around in an airport for that long!). Sacramento is the capital of California, and this is kind of what it would have looked like in the Gold Rush era. It looks like a town frozen in time - well, almost. Nonetheless, pretty neat! Thanks for sending, Jenny!

"Cold #10" (USA)
-from Tom-

We swapped cards with Tom, and received this postcard of a person trudging through an old town. The most interesting part of the card was the backside, though. Instead of writing about himself, Tom wrote a story. At first it was a little confusing and very metaphorical, but according to his blog, this was the final part of his "Cold" series. The rest of the series lie in the hands of other Postcrossers. What a great way to utilize the project. Thanks Tom!
Maine (USA)
-from Marie-

Marie in Maine sent us this colorful map of Maine, aka the Pine Tree State. The front showcases a bunch of common icons and cities, while the back had some facts on the state (from the state population to the state cat). Thanks, Marie!

Portland Head Light and Wedding Cake House, Maine (USA)
-from Dick-
Dick swapped some cards with us from Maine, one of them being very well-known and the other a bit obscure, but interesting nonetheless. The first card is of the Portland Head Lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth. It was built in 1787, and Dick believes that no postcard collection is complete without one lighthouse from Maine! The second card is of the Wedding Cake House, in Kennebunk, Maine. Opened in 1825, this house is one of the most photographed houses in the state. Legend has it that the first owner, a sailor, had it styled like a cake to please his bride, since he missed their wedding. It seems like that worked really well. Thank you for swapping, Dick!

Oregon Coast, Oregon (USA)
-from Emily-
Emily sent us this postcard of the a crab scene postcard representing the Oregon Coast. The Oregon Coast generally runs along the Pacific shoreline of the state and was the filming site for the popular '80s adventure movie The Goonies. Emily, who is ten years old, told us a funny story. When her brother was a baby, he liked avocados, but now it's backwards. Instead, she likes avocados and her brother doesn't! It's funny how tastes change over the years. Thanks for sending, Emily!

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