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We'll get to see ancient splendors that were built long ago out of materials such as gold, stone, and marble.
The Great Wall of China, China

During the Qin Dynasty in China, (221-206 B.C.E.) a wall made out of earth and stone called the Great Wall of China was built. It was used to keep invaders from Mongolia out of China. It borders the Chinese-Mongolian border. Many additions were made in the Ming Dynasty (1338-1644 A.D.) eventually, Mongolians had no trouble going around the wall, so the wall was claimed unsuccessful and was abandoned. Through Western contact, stories of the Great Wall encouraged tourist to come visit. In 1987, it was claimed a World Heritage Site. Many tourists from Beijing come each day.
The Taj Mahal, India

The Taj Mahal is another beautiful world landmark. It is featured on traveling brochures, magazines, and websites. It is more beautiful in real life than in pictures. Many visitors are overwhelmed by its beauty. Shah Jahan built it, making it a tomb for his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal (and later himself). It was built between 1632-1653. It is built of marble and other precious gems such as sapphire, topaz, coral, etc. Around the Taj Mahal are gardens that symbolize paradise. This is definately not a site to miss in India.

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