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Hello, it`s me...

Hey world, I`m Stella, 15 years old from a midsize town in the North West of Germany. I am a Student of 10th grade and i learn english since 5 years. If you find any spelling mistake you`allowed to Keep them ;)

Even as a child i loved drawing, crafting, painting, glueing...And i kept this Passion as a Teenager. Also my mum has a favour for creative things, because if that we have some cupboards full of paint, glitter...everything you Need for a great afternoon, right? :)

If you want to CONTACT me, well welcome to use the guest book or scroll down to a Little sign called " email", click on it and write me! I would be very happy about comments, don`t hesitate :)

I love listening to audiobooks while crafting, really, that`s the best!
So here are some i would recommend:

For Germans:
Der goldene Kompass , gelesen von Rufus Beck ( Trilogie)
Harry Potter ;) 1-7, gelesen von Rufus Beck ( bester Vorleser;)
Hummeldumm, gelesen von Tommy Jaud.
Tintenherz, gelesen von Raiser Strecker (Trilogie)
Tote Mädchen lügen nicht
Galaktisch, gelesen von Rufus Beck

The Golden Compass
Harry Potter
(think it`s not translated)
Thirteen Reasons why

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