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For me, recycle is the most important aspect of creatifity. See what you have and make something (new) with it.

Here`s some Inspiration.

Bobby Pin /Hair Pins Holder

This is really one of my favourite selfmade stuff! I took some old News Papers and folded each whole page until it was one Long solid stripe. Next i rolled it to a spiral and glued a next stripe on the end od the last on .When it`s big enogh, glue the end on. Now you can stuck Pins in the cracks between the paper stripes. You can also but rings over one pin, so you also have a ring holder!

I think i can say that this was one of my best ideas, i made it 1 or 2 years ago and i still use it, it`s still perfect and very original and new. So if you want to do it, don`t Forget to mention me and this blog :) Alright, enough self praise for today..;)

Folders, designed with collages

Well, this is something super easy and really pretty, which i love to do in different types and styles.
As i wrote in MATERIAL, i just cut out Pictures from older magazines and glue them on. I also decorate it with Masking Tape ( see, Material. You can go for:
One theme ( spring, clothes, spells,...)
One colour ( here: Rosa)
Or go for colourful:)

I Keep drawings, ideas, paintings, letters, plans, lists...in these Folders.

Pistachios Sheels Necklace

Isn`t it beautiful? :)

Okay, it was a lot of work, but i think it was worth it. First, read about pistachios Shells in MATERIAL.
A solid, thin carton ( back of an Collage block) Part the Shells in 3 Groups, mix similar Colors, paint them and let them dry. Stack 3 Shells over each other and glue them on ( you Need a strong glue!) and let it dry again. Next day put clear lacque over the Colors, so they last longer.
As a final step, glue a line on both sites.

Black ` White Folder

Make your boring School stuff a way more interesting! ( Well, i Keep magazines in there;)

I cut out a Piece of paper in the size of the Folder and draw the pattern with a pencil. Next i mark the parts that should be painted and paint them with a thin brush. When it`s dry, i glue i with very little glue on the Folder.
Choose different Patterns to make even better:)


I used an old water bottle, put paste on it and then pieces of old newspapers and colorful paper.
You can use it as a flower Vase. Perfect gift for grandparents:)

Tea Light Glas

Just an old glas ( jum glas i guess) and a page from an old book.
Just put it around the glas with a Little bit of glue and glue the Ends of the paper together.
Really easy.
Also nice gift idea for grandparents/ aunt :)

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