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Save the world!! - June 2020 Blog post

June blog 2020
Focus Elimination Of Plastic
The focus of this month is to learn about plastic and how to use as little as we can of it.
Plastic Plastic Everywhere

We all use plastic you, me, everyone. Don't deny it you do, from cereal box bags to the zipper on your jacket. If you say you don't use plastic I don't believe you. There is no way to fully eliminate plastic all together in our lifetimes. We have to do our best though the more we do the closer we get to eliminating it or finding ways to reduce it to the bare minimum. Why should we stop using plastics? Well that's a good question, our planet is in need of help the plastic we use is killing it and it's inhabitants. We all love a good fish dinner right. Did you know that fish will eat microplastics? When they eat these micro plastics it kills them. That is the same with a lot of other animals too! Birds for example when they dive and catch fish their beak also collects the plastic in the water in they have no idea. They will also feed the plastic to their babies. A lot of endangered species of birds only have one egg every year if the baby dies and the parent dies that will just put their population in even more danger. You might be wondering, well all these examples are about animals how does this affect me? There are many reasons this affects you for one when an animal goes extinct it affects the food chain and the way of life in the area and world sometimes. If the bumble bee went extinct for example, who wold pollinate the flowers how would the fruits or vegetables grow. You might think I don't need vegetables or fruits. Well you really do hamburgers ingredients= pickels (need flowers), ketchup (needs flowers), mustard (needs flowers), onions (need flowers to reproduce), bun (contains ingredients that need flowers). The burger part is not made out of flowers but what is the burger made out of and what do they eat? See the whole burger needs bees for one reason or another even though a burger is mostly meat.
5 common uses for plastic

1. Packaging
This is could be the box you, the bottle you drank water from, the boxes you keep stuff in, all the way to the shrink wrap on the meat. Packaging with plastic is most commonly used for food even to package your pet's food.
2. Straws, Cups, Plates, and Utensils
So this is basically a dining set except for the straws maybe, but these are common plastic things to get from a food truck or even your favorite cafe. Many places are putting a ban on plastic straws this is common is coastal places because the straws are ending up in the ocean.
3.Grocery bags
This one is bad for turtles they will see it and think it's a jellyfish then eat it they will either suffocate or be poisoned by it. Even some reusable grocery bags are made of plastic.
Believe it or not your clothes are made out of plastic. Nylon, polyester, spandex etc. are all deprived from plastics. Check your shirt is it made of plastic? I know a lot of mine are.
When I say this I mean Phones, Tablets, etc. They are made of plastic.They used to be made mostly from metal but over 40 years they have went to mostly plastic instead even the microchips are plastic sometimes.

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