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Save The World!
Hi everyone. I am Sequoia (like the tree) I love the earth and nature in general I started this blog\ website thing because our world is going through hard times right now. With climate change, pollution, logging, and the rising population Earth is having a hard time staying healthy. Over 14 billion pounds of trash or 6 million kilograms of trash enters the ocean every year. That's just the ocean think of all the trash that is on land. We have all seen pictures of a turtle with rope wrapped around it or any animal trapped or killed by trash. Most of us just try to push it out of our minds and not think about it, doing that doesn't help the future of those animals. We need to get together and stop the pollution and waste. We can't do everything now to stop pollution but every little bit helps. I have started a team to stop pollution and lower your carbon footprint. You can go to my page (REF number 1457576) and join now by messaging me. We will have weekly or monthly challenges depending on how long they take that everyone will work on. I will also post monthly and lifetime challenges on this every month but I would prefer you to go on my page to be a part of my team so I can get feedback and suggestions. I hope you join us and save the environment with us. Help save the world!

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Save the world!! - Intro (Sciences - Earth sciences)    -    Author : Sequoia - USA

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