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Puppy Farms are terrible places. Puppies arekept in cages in almost total darkness, and the breeders pays no attention to a puppy's medical needs. This will affect a dog throughout it's whole life. If you're thinking of buying a new furry friend, here are some things to look out for.....
1. Never buy a puppy from a place advertising more than three breeds.
2. Always ask the breeder what age the puppies are - puppies should stay with their mum for 8 weeks.
3. Always ask to see the pups with their mum.
4. A puppy should run up to you, wanting to play and be cuddled. If the puppy runs away or hides, do not buy it.
5. A healthy puppy has bright eyes, a moist nose and clean ears. It should not have a cough or sneeze.
6. A puppy should be bouncy, happy, run around and generally go crazy when it sees you!

Once a little border terrier called Otis was saved from a puppy farm by Dogs Trust, but never try and save a puppy from a farm yourself. Although it may seem the right thing to do, the money goes to more suffering in the future. If nobody bought from bad dealers, they could no longer operate. Help to make puppy farming illegal.

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