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Puppy Love is all about dogs. But not just any dogs. Every day hundreds of dogs from around the world are abandoned, because their owners can no longer look after them, or don't want them. You may have heard the DogsTrust saying "A dog is for life, not just for christmas." Many people give dogs as christmas presents, and don't think about how much love and care a dog needs, and whether it can be looked after. and it's not just at christmas - people may buy a puppy not thinking that it will live for another 19 years, and that pups grown up quickly.
And also, their are places out there where breeders don't look after the dogs, and the breeding bitches are kept until they can no longer give birth and are replaced. This, known as puppy farming, is not yet illegal, but DogsTrust and many other animal charities are trying to stop it once and for all. I hope you will spread the message, and help dogs in need. Help save dogs.

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Also, go to DogsTrust Puppies to hear stories about real puppies that once lived in DogsTrust!

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On Puppy Love there are unforgetable tales of abandoned puppies and dogs whose lives were turned around, info where to buy a dog,can learn all about looking after a new furry friendyou , plus find great books and websites on dogs. Also, take the Puppy Love quiz, and test your canine knowlage! Overall, there's lots of fun to be had on Puppy love!

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