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Here are some amazing stories about puppies that had their lives changed thanks to DogsTrust! I hope you will love these little dogs as much as me!

Barney was found wandering by the side of the road with his brother Beanie when he was seen and taken to DogsTrust rehoming center. He was loved by everyone, wanting to be close to them and be played with. Whilst his brother tried to get into as much trouble as possible, Barney just wanted to be a good boy, and he had bags of charm. This was noticed and suddenly Barney's life took a big turn. DogsTrust centers from around the country had been sent a mysterious, top-secret quest. They were looking for a dog that could be the ninth Blue Peter dog! Barney's name was on the list, and very near the top. Infact, there was only one other dog that had as great a chance as him - an adorable aurben and white speckled spaniel named Daniel.
Barney was soon living with a foster family, and learnt fast. He also met his rival Daniel, and went out and about in towns and strange surroundings. Eventually he was all set for stardom.
Helen from blue Peter came in one day to choose between the two pups. Although it was so hard to choose, she decided on Barney, and he became a very famous pup!

Munchie and his sister Pickles where strays until they were rescued by DogsTrust. The little lurchers were like any other puppies, and yet one night, they were stolen and nobody could find them for weeks, months even. They were in the newspapers, there were posters up everywhere, and yet nobody found them. Suddenly one day, one of them were found. It was Munchie! He was found more than 100 miles away! Thats a very long way! Surprisingly, he was in fine condition, and grew up into a beautiful lurcher. His name is now Otto, and is king of a great big manor house in the country where he has everything he deserves.

A breeder found out that her jack russell was pregnant, andshe gave birth to a litter of tiny jack russell pups. One was pure white - she was named Snowy. All the puppies were sold, but a few weeks later, one came back. It was Snowy! Her owners had found out she was deaf, and didn't want her anymore! The breeder had no choice but to take the tiny pup to Dogs Trust. At the center, they did some tests on Snowy and it turned out she couldn't her a thing! However, Snowy was such a smashing, eager puppy she learnt sign language quickly, and was so she was put in the newspapers, and became quite a celebrity.
one person who hadn't seen the pup in the paapers was Mandy, but she just so happened to be looking for another dog that day and had come to Dogs Trust. when she saw a pure white puppy playing football on the grass in a red jumper, there was instant love in th air. Snowy now lives with Mandy and her other dog Georgie.

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