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Division Breakdown


Dallas Cowboys


If star power equaled wins…… Oh wait star power does equal wins, which leads me to believe the 'Boys' will live up the marquee name of “America’s Team”. With 15 pro bowlers out of 22 starters the cowboys should not only go to the Super Bowl, but they should be booking their flights now. They should be drenching Wade Phillips in Gatorade daily. The only thoughts Phillips should have is what flavor he wants to be. He looks like a grape kinda guy, my blackness will only allow “red” to be my favorite flavor. All and all the Cowboys (on paper) look to be a huge favorite especially in the NFC, we’ll see if Romo can maintain his mid-season form post-season for once, If he doesn’t expect the post-49er/pre-eagle or the post-eagle/pre cowboy T.O. to comeback with a vengeance. I predict a 13-3 season.

New York Giants


I picked the Giants and the under for last season’s Super Bowl with the Patriots, so obviously I am willing to ride with the Giants. This season I’m not convinced yet. They lost Strahan to Sunday TV, and Shockey is now a saint. But just because I’m not convinced doesn’t mean that they wont win, it just means that my standards are a lot higher than most critics. Remember Jay-Z saying “Its like a b**ch with a belly but her ass is fat”….?? I’m sure you do and that’s how I feel about the Giants right now. If New York was the “b***h” whom we speak, I wouldn’t touch her with your dick right now. But like any man, with any woman (especially a big assded woman), if you look at it long enough it starts to look good. No Super Bowl hangover- still a contender- 11 and 5 season.

Philadelphia Eagles


SOS….not help, but Same Old Shit every season lots of local hype, not enough weapons….expectations surpass results again. Decent defense…..Off and on offense, hopefully Westbrook goes crazy weekly. But it’s just something about the Eagles where they will find away to get the job done. I think if Mcnabb stays healthy they will they could be a top 5 (Yes I did…..No You didn’t!!!!!.....Yes I did say top 5)….not in the NFL, but in the NFC, stay tuned!!

Washington Redskins


I really like Washington this season. Campbell is back in a west coast style offense, they also have speed on offense, and they are ridiculously fast on both sides of the ball. Clinton Portis is healthy, Campbell is sharp, Cooley will produce as always. With all this said, the Redskins still won’t get a bet from me until the pigs in the stands actually fly. The Eagles will be a problem, the Giants are sick, the Cowboys are clinically retarded (despite all the Tropic Thunder controversy yes I still say retard) and they play these teams twice each, they would have to be perfect to even split the six games, not to mention other tough games on their schedule.

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