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There's only one GOOD thing to say about 95 degree heat waves in early August, NFL football is back. I mean it's not like we have been counting down the minutes, only to watch a bunch of backups any of us hardly know, or have we? Committed fans have been watching every off-season move and story, hoping to get a jump start on the upcoming season. Thankfully, our favorite addiction has left us with some much needed questions to be answered over the next few months like: Will the Patriots return to last year's mid season form, or will they suffer the ultimate hangover and miss the playoffs completely. Will L.T. And the Super Chargers finally get over the hump and make it to the Super Bowl, and will T.O., PAC-Man Jones, and the Dallas Cowboys "make it rain" all over the NFC, all the way to the Super Bowl?
Only time can answer those questions, but until then all we can do is look at Training Camps and speculate.
Let's start out in Cincinatti. All-Star Wideout Chad Johnson decided to show up to camp peacefully, despite all the off-season claims. Good thing for Bengals fans, because we all know how dangerous this offense can be when running on all cylinders. Speaking of running, Tailback Rudi Johnson was dearly missed for most of last season. A healthy Bengals offense, led by stud QB Carson Palmer, should have no problems putting up points.
But enough with the Bengals talk, thinking about Carson and TJ leading my fantasy team to a half-point loss in my Fantasy Championship game makes me sick to my stomach.
While we're still talking about Camp, I have to mention the Steve Smith-Ken Lucas beatdown in practice this week. Steve Smith obviously did not like Ken Lucas' defensive tactics to hit him hard enough to break his eye socket. Its funny because I can only remember one time where a practice schuffle ended in broken freshman are Fact of the matter is this incident is devastating because Ken Lucas is now out for who knows how long, and Steve Smith will now be suspended for 2 game during the regular season.
I know one thing, I wouldn't draft him on my fantasy Look forward to my Weekly Fantasy Blog coming soon)

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2008 is looking like the year for Team USA. Basketball. Although the rest of the world has very formidable foes, this USA basketball team is built the way it should be every year, with the best players in the world. In this years preliminary round, Team USA has pretty much breezed through their schedule, wuch included top 10 international clubs Lithuania and Spain.
Aside from wins and losses, I think this summer is a larger platform of opportunity for a few players. Carmelo Anthony, who happens to be one of my favorite players, has had a bumpy end to a ride of a season that ended in a disappointing lack luster playoffs loss to the Lakers. Not to mention Anthony, was arrested of DUI one night in the middle of the series. The former #3 overall pick has a chance to help restore his image by helping lead Team USA to a gold medal.
Also, perrinial All-Star guard Dwayne Wade is coming off a season cut short by injury has a the opportunity to restore himself on the Mt. Rushmore of our current NBA. Kobe, LeBron, Duncan/Garnett, whatever order you like. Either way Wade is the unsung hero on this team, and can start his campaign early and continue into next season.
Unfortunately for this team, success can only be measured in gold. Funny thing about it is, this team really should no way come home without gold. The one area thos team isn't dominant in is their bigs. Besides Dwight Howard, theirs no other real presence down low. Don't get me wrong, I have no complaints about having both Carmelo and LeBron starting as my forwards.Only thing is we'll are what happens when we,re up against talented Frontcourts, like those in Spain with Pau Gasol and Luis Scola, or Andrew Bogut and Australia.
Reguardless of what other teams lineups consist of, this team built with scorers in James and Wade, shooters in Bryant, Redd and Anthony, and excellent role players in Dwight Howard and Chris Paul and Deron Williams, should easily walk away with zero losses.

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