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August 22, 2008. . .10:45pm

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Base ball in Philadelphia could not be anymore confusing this it is now, in the middle of Aug. Perfect timing I guess. . . Being though the PLayoffs are around the corner and we obviously don't recognize the situation.
As defending champs of the National League East, August should be a month of preparation, focus, and first and foremost consistency. A team who was made leaps in building the core of this team, as well as making the playoffs, should be focused on eveything geared to helping them advandce past the first round.
Instead, the focus of this team now is trying to get back to their winning ways, and the unhappiness of your reigning back-to-back MVP's in Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard.
Their's no way we as sorts fans, or PHILLIES fans in general, should have to tend to a grown man's ego while we're in the midst of a playoff run. I mean if he team wasn't in so much of a slump, hard feelings and brash comments don't hold as much weight. But to call your hometown fans "Frontrunners" in he middle of one of he roughest stretches of he season, is just not smart.
Now I don't know who's idea it was, but having one of the host from "Thr Best Damn Sports Show" set you up to lay into your hometown fans could not have been part of the plan. Only thing is, if you watched the show or heard the soundbites, their's no excuse or cover up for what Jimmy Rollins was saying. Basically, he pointed out the fact that Philadelphia sport fans get a kick out of kicking their own players and teams. Pointing out the fact that Ryan Howard is from St. Louis, and the culture their doesn't condone ripping into their players, no matter how bad the slump. Now I must admit, I agree with him to an exent, Jimmy has a valid point, but we all know St. Louis is no Philadelphia. Another factor playing into the constant ringing boos if the lack of success in this town for so long. Whatever sport you wish to look at, Philly has its close finishes, and its many failures. What I believe is people who aren't from here, and athletes who come to play here from smaller city's and towns don't see the passion this city shares for its teams.
Somewhere in the middle of the boos and the sellout crowds lies the passion from this city as well as the all the pain and hurt vauded from the lack of success in this city. Its the ultimate love hate relationship, we love the Phillies, and they continue to break our heart year after year.
Now as for our 2 grand prize winners, sensitivity is not something included in the multi-million dollar deal they signed. Jimmy Rollins need to shut his lips andet some air out his reigning MVP head. We know he was injured this year, and we have given him the pass he rightfully deserves, but the fact that this team lives and dies with him won't change. As for Howard, his $10 million stick this summer, paired with his horrific start to the season dug a hole only that would be hard for anyone to get out. We all know that he deserved everyone of thpase early season boos.
The fact of the matter is winning heals all wounds. With that bein said, Philadelphia Baseball fans must have open cuts and third degree burns from being the worst franchise in existence statistically. Oh yes, did you forget the Phightins were the first to 10,000 losses, because I didn't. Players in this town must consider our dark past in grading us emotionally. Living on the edge of our seats with each game, knowing that this year, this team can be our last chance for 10 maybe 15, 20 years in this city. 3 guess sensitivity and "Man Love" trump out the Phillies fans anguish and pain anyday.
The Phillies have a lot of work to do. They better hope a series win over a weak San Diego team will soften the BOOS they are goin to receive at the beginning of this home stand. I know one thing, I am pretty sure Phillies fans are more concerned with series' against division rival Florida and the 'new' LA Dodgers. After this homestand, we will really know how the fans feel about these guys.
And just in case I didn't mention, Phillies are now in 2nd place. MUCK the FETS ! ! !

August 12, 2008. . .5:30pm

With Strecth Run Approaching, 'Phils Phight' for Positioning in NL East

The Philadelphia Phillies are in the midst of a run which Philadelphia fans have not seen since the early 80's. With an offensive lineup that makes opposing pitchers quiver, the Phillies are in a position to do some major damage come October. The question is, will they still be playin come Fall. At the start of this season, the defending NL East Champs had a few questions to answer: 1. Will they get good enough starting pitching, 2. Will their lineup stay consistent throughout a long 162 game season, 3. Can they avoid the devastating injuries, that threatened a successful season last year.
Midway through the season, we can make assesments of the team, and the direction their heading in. After getting off to one of the best starts in Franchise history, the Phillies endured a horrible June and July, both of which were very forgettable. With the division lead shrinking by the week, the Phillies acquired sturdy veteran Lefty Joe Blanton from Oakland. So, with Adam Eaton finally off the Major League Roster, the addition of Blanton, and Brett Myers looking as if he shooken off all of his early season rust, the Phillies once again look like the team to beat come October.
The Phillies are 8-1 in their last 9 games, including a 2 win series against St. Louis, and a sweep of the division rival Nationals. Certain guys seem to be finding their game at the right time, including table setters Shane Victorino and MVP Jimmy Rollins, with the Big Bambino, Ryan Howard well within reach of his best year's power numbers.
The Ironic thing is, as much as picthing has been a concern with the this team for the past year and a half, the everyday hitters will be the ones looked at come October.

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