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Every month we'll post a new animal story: the life story of a real pet that came from an animal mill. Luckily they all have happy endings!

Phoenix is a male miniature Yorkshire Terrier. His story is not in detail, but we hope it will charm you all the same.

Phoenix was born in a puppy farm in England, near Hertford. He lived in a cramped cage with his siblings, coping with sickness and sadness. He grew very ill.
One day, his luck changed. A couple came looking for another family pet to live alongside them and their other dogs. They instantly fell in love with poor Phoenix. Although they knew the place was a puppy farm, they couldn't leave Phoenix in such horrid conditions.
The unfortunate puppy was very ill for some time, and his new owners thought he could die. Thanks to love, devotion and veterinary care, he was nursed back to health. They decided to call the cheerful, affectionate dog Phoenix, after the bird from Harry Potter that rose from the ashes.
Phoenix is now around eight years old, and loves cuddling up in his favourite blanket and learning new tricks.
Watch the video of Phoenix's story here.

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