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Preventors of the Cruel Breeding of Animals - Fighting The Puppy Farms


Puppy farms, or mills, are a massive problem in the UK, and many animal charities are fighting against it. The PCBA believes that it's time the dog farming industry was brought down, and you can help.
Spotting A Puppy Farm

Puppy farms, or mills, are a big problem in the UK. Every year millions of dogs are bred and sold for profit, often dying and sick. Unfortunately, as we live in a "see it, want it" society, puppy farmers can easily work to unfairly breed pups without detection via the internet. Here are the best tips on spotting bad dog trade.

1. Ask to see the pups' parents' relevant health certificates.

2. The puppies' mother should be present and the breeder should be OK with you watching her with her pups.

3. Ask to see the living area. If it isn't in the breeder's house, a little more investigating may be needed.

4. Be suspicious of a breeder selling more than one breed.

5. It's OK to be put on a waiting list - this will mean the bitches are bred once a year, the recommended amount to ensure a dog's well being.

6. Make sure the breeder is fine with you returning a pup if things don't work out.

7. Don't buy from a pet shop - a lot of pet shop pups are from puppy farms as they can be moved cheaply.

8. The location mustn't be neutral like a service station or car park.

9. Never buy because you feel sorry for the puppy. This just means more money for the breeder to keep up the cruel trade, and another pup replaces yours.

10. Be aware of scams, as many puppy farmers will forge paperwork. If you have suspicions, check with the Kennel Club. If you think someone is a puppy farmer, contact the local authority who will investigate, call Consumer Direct, or contact a vet who'll be happy to help.
How Do Puppy Farms Operate?

Puppy farmers usually give someone money to give pups to pet shops. The pet shop then sells them to people for high prices. Other times pups are sold directly from the breeder. Many will advertise online. For more information, visit No Pet Store Puppies .

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