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There are now two competitions open. We are currently trying to make a song from the point of view of a pet mill animal. If you have any lyric ideas, post them on the forum. We will announce winners shortly. Also, we will be making a music video, and need pet videos to feature. If you have any you'd like to be in the YouTube video, email them to us at We will reply if we think it should star. For more information, click here. Good luck!

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Welcome to Our Website

Welcome to the Preventers of the Cruel Breeding of Animals website! The PCBA site was made to inform people of bad pet-breeding practises in the UK and Ireland and how the places where this happens can be avoided. The most common is the puppy farm or mill, and thousands are operating legally all over Great Britain, but not only dogs are being cruelly and unfairly bred simply for profit. Many animals that the UK keeps as much-loved companions are being badly treated only for money; from cats to guinea pigs, dogs to rabbits. However, breeding like this hasn't been made illegal, which means only one way for this to stop: If people knew about them, didn't buy from them, and they were forced to close one by one.

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