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Welcome to my blog! I will post what's going on on here, and you can reply to any entries in the forum.

30/10/2012 - Movie

Today I'm goin to the cinema with Lauren, her brother Lewis and their mum to watch a new movie called "Hotel Transillvania" (sorry if I spelt Transillania wrong!). It's about a hotel ran by Count Dracula that's just for monsters. No person has ever discovered it before, until a human arrives! It's going to be hilarious! Have you watched or are going to?

-Lily x

31/10/2012 - Halloween

Happy Halloween everybody! I'm gonna go trick or treating tonight! I'll be going as a vampire puppy with a cape! Lauren's going as a witch. How about you? Halloween Mask

-Lily :~)
1/11/2012 - Swimming

Pinch, punch, first day of the month! Lily here. I hope you had a brill halloween, I did.
When we went trick or treating, we rang the doorbell to a house that had been spookily decorated to the max. Suddenly there was the sound of a laughing ghost, and I hid behind Lauren, who hid behind her dad. A man came out wearing a freaky werewolf mask. Lauren and I freaked out! Lauren said that the same man had done the same thing last year and scared her senseless! Looking at it now, it's quite hilarious!
Today we're going swimming. I love to swim - all crossbreeds do. I'm a mix of terriers and spaniels, so I'm a pretty strong swimmer. Not quite an olympian yet, though.

-Lils xoxo

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