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Here you can learn about all of my friends. Most of them are cute animals like me, but I had to put Lauren on here, too.

Name: Lauren
Animal: Human owner
How I know her: She's my human owner
Likes: Playing with me, writing, dogs and rollerskating.
Dislikes: Chihuahahs, tomato in pasta and being alone in small places

Name: Charlie and Toto
Animal: Guinea pigs
Likes: Eating, sleeping, squeaking and running around
Dislikes: Loud noises, cats, having their claws clipped

Name: Buster
Animal: Puppy
Likes: Playing with toys, going for walks, wrestling
Dislikes: Not going for a walk all day, being left alone, people shouting

Name: Nevvie
Animal: Puppy
Likes: People, being petted, getting attention, sniffing people's toes, chasing things
Dislikes: When someone is out of his reach

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