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Celebrity no-no's!!!
Before you send off....
A list of celebrities you shouldn't send to and why.

1. John Travolta
Everyone knows him from the movie Grease, a very popular movie. John Travolta, however, signs secretarial and has been for quite some time. If you're a big fan of Grease, don't send to him; it's better to send off to Olivia Newton-John, who signs.

2. Jennifer Lawrence
Probably the most popular celebrity out there right now. Sadly, the odds are not in your favor for putting JLaw on your autograph list, because she signs secretarial. If you're really lucky (and if you put effort, time, and money into it), you'll get her via venue or at a private address.

3. Natalie Portman
Known especially as Padme in the newer Star Wars movies, and everything else in between. Natalie doesn't sign through the mail, and if she does, don't expect to get anything Star Wars back because she refuses to sign Star Wars/Padme items. She's even picky about signing in person. Do not attempt to send to her or see her in person, because you won't get anything, especially if it's Star Wars. If you really like her, you'll have to buy it online.

4. Dick Van Dyke
This Hollywood legend is known for Mary Poppins, The Dick Van Dyke show and his bright character. Unfortunately, he isn't too nice when it comes to fan mail, because for some reason he signs secretarial.

5. Carrie Fisher
She's Princess Leia in the original Star Wars films, and has become very popular because of it. You guessed it-she sends out pre-prints- nope! She uses a secretary! It's no ordinary secretary though. Rumor has it that her mom, Debbie Reynolds (another famous actress from the 50s and 60s) signs all her stuff! Do not send to her unless you have a via venue address.
6. Scarlett Johansson
She's just one of those celebrities that's been around for awhile and doesn't sign. Scarlett doesn't sign at all, and will scarcely sign in person. It's really a hit and miss with her then.

7. Shailene Woodley
You probably became a massive fan once you saw her as Tris in Divergent or Hazel in The Fault in Our Stars. But Shailene doesn't like the attention. She said: "...Having Shailene fans, that's weird to me. I don't really want to participate in that." Shailene does not sign through the mail at all, and you'll only get her autograph in person.

8. Ethan Jamieson
You probably haven't heard of him at all, but if you've seen The Hunger Games, you most likely remember the boy with the mini afro/ the District 4 boy tribute. Well, meet Ethan. Not so well known, but a rude, crude, bratty teen who expects to be treated like royalty, fans or no fans. He's also a true hypocrite-nice while signing, but if someone says something sort of rude to him on social media, he'll start up a swearing storm, otherwise known as revealing his true self (which you can check out on his social networking). Ethan signs, but only to a select few. We sent to him and got nothing back. When he does sign, you can tell that anything nice is really fake. We do not recommend you send to him, unless you want a scribbled sig that's worth about a dollar (not that you'd want to send to him...).
You'd think he was just a friendly kid...
....But it's just not the truth. (A wee bit of Ethan's everyday life!)

9. Harry Potter cast
Almost everyone who comes on here is probably a fan of Harry Potter, one way or another. If you were hoping to show off an authentic picture to your friends of Harry himself, stop right there! You'll just get a pre print from Daniel Radcliffe (Harry), and Emma Watson (Hermione) AND Rupert Grint (Ron). If you send to Rupert Grint via venue, he usually sends back. Daniel Radcliffe is obviously rare, but sends pre-prints. Emma Watson is hard to get and you might only get her in person. Bonnie Wright (Ginny) sends you pre prints as well.
Britany Spears- she uses a secretary and hates fanmail
Molly Ringwald- hates fanmail, hard to even get in person, is apparently mean to fans. If you ever meet her in person, have her sign one of her books- she won't sign anything else.
Cameron Diaz- uses a secretary. She's even hard to get in person.
Kristen Stewart- gives you an APand probably hates fanmail anyways after "Twilight".
Disney Channel/ "young" stars (Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, etc.)-they may say they love their fans, but this isn't necessarily true. They think they're "too cool" for fanmail. You'll usually get a PP from them. Don't try 'em.
Taylor Swift- she still signs, but only to a select few since she probably gets truckloads of fanmail and can only respond to the truest of fans.
Demi Moore- signs secretarial and isn't a good signer in person.
Halle Berry- not a great signer, but sends out PPs instead of nothing.
Sally Field- signs secretarial- and has been for awhile.

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