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About us!Our names are Joan and Paige. We have many hobbies, and autograph collecting is a fun hobby that we enjoy doing!
Interested in your own collection? Here are some things you'll need to know before starting a collection.
Autograph collecting is a fun and usually free activity. Before you start, here is a step by step guide to get you started.

1. Check out an autograph collecting site. A very good site is called, where you'll find addresses for your fave celebrity, anywhere in the world, from a very well known celebrity to a not so well known one. This is where we go to find addresses. Also, it's a free site and you don't have to join. Some sites aren't free. Star Tiger is a good example of this. You must become a member and pay. They have more addresses than

2. Look up your favorite celebrity. What are their signing habits? Do they even sign?

3. Great! Your fave celebrity signs. Let's begin! First and foremost, it is recommended you send them a letter, so they get to know you and so they'll sign for you. Send a few pictures for them to sign. It's recommended that you send a printed photo, just so the celebrity doesn't think you are an eBay seller, and also so your precious movie case or whatever doesn't get damaged, lost, etc in the mail.

4. Time to get some envelopes. Use a standard mailing envelope (measure: 4 x 9) to send your letter and pictures in. You'll have to send another envelope so they can send your pictures back in, because if you don't, they might not send your pictures back. PUT STAMPS ON BOTH ENVELOPES!!! If you want to be really fancy and send a non-printed picture, like a movie poster for example, use a manila envelope. If you're from a different country and sending to the USA, you can get a International Reply Coupon to send so the celebrity can pay the postage. If you live in the USA, put an international stamp on....and good luck, because we don't have International Reply Coupons. You'll have to buy some stamps online from that country or send a self addressed envelope without a stamp.

5. Send it out. If it's an ounce or less, you can put it in the drop box. You'll have to take the manila envelope into the post office to send it out.

6. Wait. The average wait is 3 months, but it could be longer or shorter. It might take a few years, or maybe a few weeks, depending on who you send to. Good luck!
a manila envelope

standard mailing envelope

stamp from the USA

global stamp from the USA

TTM- through the mail. Means you've sent an autograph TTM.
IP- In person. When you go to an actual film event, you can possibly meet the celebrity and the celebrity goes around signing items.
SASE- self addressed, stamped envelope. This is an envelope you send TO the celebrity so they can return your pictures to you without having to do it themselves.
SAE- self addressed envelope- no stamp, but it's addressed by you. These are usually sent by collectors to other countries. The celebrity will usually be able to apply postage for you.
PP- pre-printed autograph. A photo sent back from the celebrity that's a printed version of their autograph. Used by popular celebrities.
AP- basically like a PP. A machine does it to the pictures that you send. Used by popular celebrities.
SEC- secretarial signed. The celebrity has their secretary do it for them, so it's 100% fake. Most of the popular stars have secretaries sign for them.
LOR-letter of request. Basically your letter of request to the celebrity.
VV- via venue. The set that the celebrity is working on. offers addresses sometimes but otherwise you may have to request it on Some people get lucky sending VV, so it's worth a shot if that certain celebrity won't sign via their agency.
RTS- return to sender. Usually means the address is no longer valid or the celebrity isn't at the certain address anymore.
Although autograph collecting may seem like you'll get something authentic back each and every time, it's not always the case. The celebrity may not respond to fanmail at all. They may also give out SECs, PPs, and APs which is always sort of a disappointment for some. You might get a RTS too, which is never good, but you can always look up their new agency. Some celebrities may not sign via their agency, but VV. Don't let this information bring you down- many celebrities DO sign authentically,but you just have to find out which ones.

1.Go on and search the celebrity you wish to write to.
2.There should be a list of their films. If there's one that says "filming" in red text, click on that movie.
3. There's a chance there could be an address for the filming location! If so, you should be good to go. There are also VV addresses on
4. Send out your request by using the sending tips above. It is recommended you send a week or so before the filming begins or early on in the filming. You're guaranteed a success then.
5. Wait. There could be a chance that you won't ever see your request again, only because some studios don't forward fanmail. There's always a chance though that the studio will pass on your mail.

The Secret of Any Success...
The secret on getting back autographs is simply sending a SASE or SAE!! Sending a photo and LOR is also recommended so the celebrity can easily get back to you!!!

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