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Students and teenage psychology will be discussed here.

Those who want to share some specific thoughts are welcome to leave it in the forum where I can reply. I will reply to emails sent to me also. Anyone can share their insights about these matters which would be of immense help to those who seek it.


Teenage pregnancies
Teenage alcoholism
Single parent students
School droup outs
Drug addiction

Suicidal tendencies

* Attachment * Autism/asperger * Behavior Problems * Depression* Eating Disorders

* Food Allergies * Grief/bereavement * Health Hazards * * Healthy Eating
* Is My Child OK?
* Obesity
* Obsessive Compulsive Disorder * Parents With Mental Illness * Physical Fitness
* Safety * Stress And Coping * Teen Suicide * War And Terrorism * Anger Managemen
* Attachment * Brain Development * Cultural Identity * Developmental Milestones

* Disobedience * Friends/peers * Language Development * Mental Retardation
* Peer Pressure * Play * Puberty * Self-esteem * Sleep * Teen Issues
Source:_ Tuft University


Absence of pride and haughtiness. A proud person demands respect. Such a person does possess some qualifications but expects other to recognize and respect him or her. This desire for respect comes out of sense of insufficiency with oneself. I want to keep others under my spell by maintaining an air. Then my happiness depends upon others giving me the respect. Lack of favorable response gives rise to anger and agitations. I should know that a respect given upon demand is not real respect. A person in authority does get salutations from people around but when he or she loses power, we have to see how much respect he or she can gain.

Respect should be commanded and not demanded...... I am happy with what I am ..... How to be happy with what we have? .......answers given to those who seek it .

-Readings from Swami Dayananda's teachings

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