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I am a certified person in Vedanta and Yoga also.

I have been a researcher for some time and have valuable data obtained from the beneficiaries of Vedanta and Yoga.

Vedanta unlike other forms of religious or spiritual teachings is not a religious sect at all. It was not started by anyone or confined to anyone. It talks about the conciousness in each creature and human beings as the only reality. Conciousness is with everyone and one has to free oneself from the notion that one is bound. Because conciousness is always free.

Anyone can benefit from this study systematically over a period of systematic study under a person who is qualified to do the instructions of Vedanta. This blog is intended to do this . Anyone with interest is welcome to learn. If you are interested in my course and if you have personal questions please email me. My course info will contain my certificates also.

Wholistic Living is a routine which can be incorporated in to one's daily lives easily.

This blog will address mainly the topics raised by the students and the teachers.

The news of the Vedanta is that everything is already existing in oneself , how to free ourselves from the notions that we have which limit us is the answer given by Vedanta.

This can be followed by anyone irrespective of nationality, religion, gender, culture, language etc., because it talks about the principles and not about any creator etc.,

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