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ToyRoleplay is a roleplay game on a website known as RolePlay-City. It is about a large group of toys who live in a house in the suburbs. As usual, they lived peacefully-avoiding getting caught by the family dog, having a good time when the kids played with them, and at nighttime came to life and reported news to each other. But when strange things started happening, the toys soon realized that they were in deep danger. It is time for destinies to be fulfilled and heroes to rise...

In other words, the toys were in deep trouble-and for unknown reasons, some of the other toys were turning against them and trying to destroy them. The mission of the good toys is to find out what is happening and then stop the Head Baddie (whose name is Drakaina) once and for all! Oh, and this blog provides pics and descriptions of each character of ToyRP, as well as mission summaries. If you want to join this epic RPG (RolePlay Game), go to the "So, you want to join ToyRP, eh?" page to do that. It is recommended that you read everything on that page before joining.

Note:If you have a complaint or a question, go to the Blog Forum (a link to it is provided on the Extras page) and make a post. Anyway, thanks for visiting!

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