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The first thing you need to do when you are planning a sleepover is to think how many guests and who you are going to invite. How many people you invite is up to you but you need to have enough space. You should invite at least 2 people (as one can get boring) and no more than around 6 unless you have a large house.
Here are the instructions on how to invite people properly-
1. Make a list of who you want to invite
2. Check with a parent on whether you can invite all these people
3. Write your invitations (you can buy, print or make the invites, you could also text your friends to save time.)
4.Send out invites at least 1 week before or they might have already planned to do something on the day of your sleepover
5. Wait for your friends to reply

*write the correct date of your sleepover
*write the time it starts and ends
*write your address on any people's invites who have not visited your house before
*write your contact seat ails and how they can reply
*enclose a list of what your friends will need to bring
*DO NOT expect all of your friends to be able to come, they may have already made plans

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