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It's Ellie, I'm 11 years and 8 months old and I'm in year 6 at school. There's one thing I love: planning sleepovers for me and my friends! This blog is for GIRLS(ages 6-14), it has lots of advice on how to host a really awesome sleepover. You'll also be able to give others your own advice by emailing me via the email at the bottom of every page or commenting on my guest book. Also if you have pic collage then my username is Ellie-is-epic so message me through that. I will use your advice on the "readers advice" page. (You can put your name in your message to me and then I will say who it's by on the blog but you can also leave it anonymous.)
By for now and I hope you enjoy reading my advice and planning your sleepover!
Ellie :-)

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