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Okay, So i know I haven't updated for awhile, but I'll think back to July first and see what I did on that day

Well after doing my chores, I went swimming with my brother, my best friend, Lizzie, and my brothers friend Ashley.

It was really kind of fun because it was my first time going to the pool this summer and I got to act like a total dork, just cause Lizzie and I wanted to.

But I couldn't help but have a feeling that some of the lifeguards were watching me the whole time and it didn't help that they were all wearing sunglasses so I could never tell. But, hey, at least some of the guy lifeguards were cute.

I don't think I did anything on this day...

After spending a day doing nothing (well I watched "Brave") I went to orchestra rehearsal with my family (my parents forced my brother and I to join the orchestra they were in so now it's 2 high schoolers, lots of collage students, and lots of old people. But they bribed us with ice cream, what would you do?).

So we play some really hard music like Water Music by Handel and stuff by Bach all all those dead composers. But afterwards I got ice cream so 2 hour rehearsals are worth it.

Oh! And I got tickets to see "The Fault In Our Stars" on Thursday June 5th! I can't wait!!!! The book was so good (speaking of I need to get that back from Lizzie) and the trailer looks so good and and Ah! *Breathes* Okay, I'm done fan-girling. No, wait...*makes weird noise from excitement*. Okay, now I'm done.

Okay present day, I have a feeling that today is going to be pretty uneventful so yeah, Happy June :)


Okay so I've been a little MIA this month, but a lot has happened so this ended on the 4th so I guess I'll start with the 5th.


OH MY FREAKING GOD GUYS!!!!! I SAW THE FAULT IN OUR STARS!!!! IT WAS AMAZING!!!! Okay, I'll breathe so as you guys know I was planning lots of stuff with some friends to go see the Fault In Our Stars with some friends, and Oh My Glob was it good. The cast was amazing and you could tell they spent a great deal just finding the cast. They had memorable moments from the book which just makes you swoon and they had the throat clenching, tissue ready scenes down to a tee.

I would give it a 100 out of 10 stars guys it was absolutely breath taking.

Not to mention that out of all the people that I brought to watch it, I was the only one that cried...Oh well, they were tears well spent.

Oh, and you wanna know my favorite quote? (If no, then I'm just gonna tell you anyways, so suck it up.)

"Funerals, I had decided, are for the living. ― John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

(There are many great quotes in that book, but this one has stuck out to me since I read the book a year ago.)


I went to go visit my dads friends that live 2 hours away from us.

And it was...fun I guess. I got to talk about my future, things I do, just get caught up in life.

And I had the BEST BURGER EVER TASTED! Just so you can be jealous that my taste buds have tasted what your taste buds haven't.

That was for lunch. For dinner we went to Genghis Grill, but were not gonna get started on that story...it was just bad. Well, okay fine, so our waiter was this 17-18 year old guy named Josh and I swear every time he was at our table he would take at least 5 seconds to stare at me before saying anything (I've had this happen with other waiters to, so frankly I already know what's gonna happen, but it still kinda creeps me out).

And then when he was giving us our drinks he just stared at me, like I was the only thing he could look at, god I'm a MINOR! Ugh, and then he called me a sweetheart. Okay I'll tell you the story:

So he was getting my brother a refill of Pepsi, and when he came back, he came back on my side of the table and he sets the drink in front of me and asks, "Could you pass that to him?"

I do.

And he says "You're such a sweetheart."

Oh, God kill me now. I wasn't able to eat after that, so thanks Josh, thanks for ruining my appetite. And being kinda cute, but he was still creepy.

Okay, rant over.

Back to present day. I've actually just sitting here waiting till 5:00 so I can go see Maleficent with friends so, yeah, I'll tell you guys about that tomorrow.



Okay, so I've been a lot MIA lately mainly because of Saturday (6/7/14). So Maleficent was good and all (I'm not gonna flashback this because the other days were pretty uneventful so I'll just tell you what I've been up to), but it was after the movie that i don't want to talk about, but this is a blog about me and I think you guys should know what happened.

Okay, so a small warning, this is going to get really personal and there's gonna be some parts that will be not as detailed because this night was really...hectic.

So it started way before we even got to the movie theater. My parents and I (well, my mom and I) have been having this off and on argument about responsibility. They say I should be more responsible and being a teenage girl I just wanna let lose and not have to think about my decisions and just be overly spontaneous. So on our way to dinner with our friends (they were going to see the same movie) I threw around some snarky remarks which cost me spending the night at my friends house. So now I was really pissed. Cause, like gosh how could they do that! (That was sarcasm by the way :p)

So after that all was well until after the movie when I tried to get back into their good graces by being apologetic and saying that I could be more responsible and blah-blah-blah. But, they still said no.

Now, this really pissed me off because my brother got to go sleep over even when he argued back and up front told my mom to "Shut-up" (which is really bad cause that's just demeaning to my mom), and they excepted me to grow-up to fast and they wanted me to be perfect and all this other sh!t which I thought was really stupid at the time.

So all the way back to my dads car we were still having this argument, so set with this idea that I needed to show up my parents and let them know that they can't control me. So, when we got to my dads car I grabbed my over-night bag and tried to run off (They told me I couldn't sleep over after I already got my stuff ready).

They wouldn't allow that and now that I think back to that I think "Wow, Theresa, that was really...dumb. Like, wow, girl how empty is your head?"

So I got back into the car and being in a pouty mood threw my phone and decided that that wasn't gonna do enough damage so I threw my take-out (from the dinner) at my dads wind shield. Let's just say that noodles make a really big mess, like really big.

I had crossed the line. My dads fuse had burned down to the bomb and he was going to explode.

He opened my door and angrily said "Clean it up."

I said (stupidly) "No. You can't make me."

Now remember this is all in a parking lot.

He grabbed my arm and said "You will clean it up." And tried to get me out of the car.

I did everything to try and not get out of the car. I put my legs up and tried to make it harder for him to not get me out of the car. And when he did I was all legs and arms kicking and screaming (literally. God I feel so stupid).

Then his grip loosened and O found my chance and pulled my self into the car again. My dad had me but the other arm this time, but then all of a sudden no one was pulling at me, and someone one was yelling, but not at me.

I got out of the car to see what was going on and some stupid guy was accusing my dad of beating me (I just want to let you know now that I love my dad very much and vice versa. My dad would never intentionally try to to hurt, if anyone was hurting anyone it was me. With all my kicking I'm surprised my dad didn't have troubles walking the next day).

This is when I started crying hysterically and when I do that I start to hyperventilate. And then everyone started to piss me off so I went over there and yelled at the top of my lungs "Will everyone shut the f**k up, please." That didn't work cause the guy who was "defending" me wouldn't shut up enough to actually hear what I had to say. Yeah, dude, you're a great defender.

Well the next thing I know the police are there and then I talk to them and basically tell them I was being a b*tchy teenager, and they let us off the hook. But the the other guy was still yelling, but no at my dad at the police for letting us go. God, jacka** these days.

And so we got home and while I was cleaning my dads car (finally) I started to think about what happened, and how dangerous that was cause that man that wouldn't even shut up long enough to hear my side of the story almost beat up my dad, and I would never want that to happen to him.

You, know what I'm gonna stop and give this a day to rest. Learn from what happened to my family and has majorly affected our lives; don't be a snotty b*tch like me.



First, sorry about all of the long posts. Clearly lots has happened (whether it was significant or not :P). Second, I have been really busy preparing for Summer Camp (which I am going to tomorrow), and spending time with my family, so I'm sorry that I haven't posted when I say I'm gonna post (bad blogger, bad!).

Actually, since Scary Saturday, nothing really exciting has happened, I really just stay home and do a really good impression of a lump :p

Oh, but one other thing. I will have a full page just for my camp adventures. You won't get to see any pictures since phones aren't aloud , and I don't like to bring my camera because you never know when something is going to happen to it on 150 acres of land (not to mention that it's already broken and uses batteries like I use tampon [when it's that time of month], heavily and frequently). But, lot's happens.


I'm going to CAMP! In like 45 mins I'm gonna be on my way to the bus so I can be taken to the middle of nowhere to have the time of my life!

Sooo that means I won't be posting for awhile (try 2 and half weeks), but I will be writing every single day and will make a page just for my camp adventure (which could vary from super boring to super-ish exciting).

So I'll talk to you guys later :)


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