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It's a Monday, and the first Monday since Summer Break. So far it's been very uneventful.

Well, I guess I could start with the last day of school.


Fridays are usually the best days ever, but I have a chemistry final left to finish, and let's just say that chemistry and I, we don't get along. So I spent an hour, not studying for my chem finals and then an hour hanging out with friends during my 7th hour final (which is track, so it basically counts as a free period final wise).

Lunch was okay, it was my first time having lunch at Lemon Tree (a small restaurant across from my high school). The prices were reasonable and they actually had some decent fries, the only problem. It was packed! But at least it take me an hour to get through the line like it would if I went to Bagel Cafe to have lunch.

Finally, the dreaded Chemistry Final. I spent 2 hours working on this final and still had 6-7 questions left to answer when I handed it to the teacher (but my parents don't need to know that).

After that was all done it finally felt like the last day of school. I got to lay in the sun, watch football guys practice and do flips on the track equipment (in the process showing every guy on the field that I do, in fact, have a toned-ish body *facepalm*).

My mom picked me up and that was when it started to feel like school wasn't over again. Once I entered the car my mom told me that we have to go get my dog from the vet because she had been bitten by a snake. When I say her, the poor thing looked like a St. Bernard and my dogs a Golden Retriever. It was a sad sad day for the canines in the house.

But it still didn't feel like the last day of school.


Saturdays are suppose to be uneventful, so I'll spare you guys the boredom.

I cleaned the whole house until 12 in the afternoon. Not to mention got in a huge argument with my mom (which really frustrates me, because every time we have people come over my moms a b**** about house cleanliness).

And we did in fact have people come over for dinner, my parents friend (and my new violin teacher) and my dads friend who brought his wife...and 16 year old son.

He wasn't completely attractive, but he was of the opposite gender so that was enough to shut me up until dinner when I actually talked to people that were not blood related to me.

And I actually found out that 16 year old boy was pretty cool and I had nothing to be shy about (cause he was only friend material, plus he had a girlfriend, so meh).

Pretty eventful day.

And then back to present day.

I didn't really do anything till around 12 pm when I found out that my family is officially taking a trip to Florida and we have rooms for set trip date at a Disney World Resort.

Then I talked to my best friend and she is officially coming over at around 5 pm to spend the night.

We basically watched movies (and if you're interested we watched [in order]: The Sandlot, Forrest Gump, and That Awkward Moment). And then a guy friend of hers kept trying to ask her out so I put my acting skills to use and calmly told him that he should stop trying to ask my "girlfriend" out. It's a wee bit insulting...just a wee bit.

Of course (getting his ego crushed) he hung up and then got super pissed at me cause I'm "over protective" so now he can never ask her out without me getting in the way (success, we wanted that to happen anyway [she wasn't interested in him])

Some people can not take a joke, nor can they realize that they've been joked when we vaguely told him afterwards it was a joke. Welp, american boys will be american boys.

And now it's 2:09 am and I should probably get to bed.


P.S. We saw a rainbow!

My Best Friend <3

Me. (Such derpy picture)

So, I'm not gonna tell you about the 27th because it was a tremendously boring day (for other people). Lizzie left early so nothing too exciting could happen.

Anyways, I went over to someones house to talk about a babysitting job (which will be happening tomorrow). And once I meet the little boy I was super glad that my brother was gonna be there to cause this kid had too much energy (I wonder if he could lend me some).

And then I went shopping afterwards with my dad and brother to get cereal, bagels, and trail mix (Oh, I just love shopping for food).

And...that's about it...


P.S. I watched Dirty Dancing. It's amazing!
5/28/14 Is right over there <<<


So today I got up and decided to have a bagel with Nutella on it. Man, was that a good bagel!

Anyways I had to babysit today. So I went went there around 1 pm and stayed there to around 5 pm.

I like the income I get from babysitting, but man do 4 year old kids have energy. By, the end I was about to beg him for some of his energy. Not to mention it started out really bad,because the kid has separation anxiety, so I got to sit there for 20 mins and have him tell me that I can't do this and I can't do that and that we (my brother and I) should leave.

But he finally calmed down and the next few hours were not that bad.

Soon, my dad came to pick me up and we went to a sandwich shop called "Which Wich". It was pretty good, but my egg and bacon sandwich was missing cheese (I'll fix that next time).

And then finally, my last acting class (well for the class I was taking). It was actually really fun because we got to do improv scenes and now I love improv. First it started with just two people (out of the six) in a scene. And then we got to do four different scenes with all six of us. I can proudly say that I make a a great shy robot :p

And now I'm home and really want to watch "Crazy, Stupid, Love".



All I did on the 30th was play video games and watch movies. Well, and make social plans, but that doesn't count as exciting.

But today I watched so movies and finished "Crazy, Stupid, Love". Yay me for committing.

And yesterday I got a call from someone asking if I could babysit their kid on the 31st, so I had that to look forward to :/

Anyways, It's around 4:30pm and my dad and I are on our way to the persons house (their long term customers) and the gates locked, so we call them and I'm getting worried that I got the wrong date because when the Dad called me he woke me up, so I was half asleep. But, it was the correct date and I was still babysitting. So we sat outside their house (yes, just like creepers) and waiting for them to come home to unlock the gate, when 30 minutes later my dad gets a call from them asking where I was cause they were dropping Dylan (the kid) at our house. So we had to drive back to my house and I was all mad and frustrated and in a very grumpy teenager mood.

But once we got there I sighed, opened my front door and put on my happy face.

So now I'm watching Dylan and making sure the toothless 6 year old doesn't kill himself. Hmm, I wonder when they'll get back...


P.S. We're the best at making block structures.

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