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The Jonas Brothers rock!!! - Nick and his disbetes

The Diagnosis

In November 2005, Nick Jonas found out that he had type 1 diabetes. A month or two before he was diagnosed, he began to notice “the usual symptoms: losing weight, the bad attitude, being thirsty, going to the bathroom all the time. He lost about fifteen pounds in two to three weeks, and it was just insane.

Nick's Dogtag

There is a code on the dog tag which identifies Nick. This is so that if he ever gets into any sort of accident, and needs to be taken to the hospital, they know that he has diabetes. This way, they know not to give him certain medications that can be harmful to his body because of diabetes. When they put the code into the computer at the hospital, they get Nick’s medical history. Everyone with type 1 diabetes gets one of these, and it is their choice whether they are going to wear it or not.

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