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🌹Hello everyone! I will no longer be using this blog, as I'll be startimg a new one focusing more on my writing projects. This has been a very enjoyable ride all the way through, and it's your support that kept me motivated! Thank you very much for everything!🌹
Hey friends! Welcome to my blog! Hope you'll enjoy here :-)
Hi everybody! I'm Rumeysa, a 19 year old girl from Turkey. Currently, i'm a highschool student :D I hope you'll enjoy reading this blog! I'm so excited about this well, maybe because it's my first ever blog post :-D
In my blog, i'll be telling you about my life, family, penpals, country and trips, my biggest passion"basically writing but specially my novel maybe" Turkish language"if anyone is interested in learnong Turkish" and some random things and facts which i find interesting.
I'm planning to add a page as my diary here and add pictures about various stuff. and i really hope you'll have fun, maybe even learn something new here :3
In this blog, you can find:

-Information about my life and family
-My writings
-Basic information about my novel
-Basic Turkish phrases and information about some if you are interested in learning
-Information about my penpals from all over the world
-A diary for you to read
-Information about my country "Turkey"
-Notes and information about my trips
-Recommendations for you to check
-A thank list forthose who helped me to manage to start this blog, who inspired and/or supported me in this :)
-More... :)
If any of my posts, pictures, writings, or anything in my blog, please let me know! My Students Of The World REF number is 1347165 where you can search it and message me to complaint. If you don't use Students Of The World, you can write your message to the forum or guest book. I will read them all. :) I don't want any of you to feel sad and/or offended because of my posts or anything else.

Anyway, let's get started!!!

| Hey! Welcome to my world! :D | My family'a school family' :) | My novel and writings! :) | My language 'Turkish' :) | My penpals :3 | Random stuff you might find interesting :) | My dear diary | My country and trips | Recommendations | Thank list |

Anything interesting about me :D - Hey! Welcome to my world! :D (Daily life - About me & friends)    -    Author : Rumeysa - Turkey

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