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Name: Mr. Benson
Age: 44
Identify: Master of the Hotel
Mood: Unknown
Description: He's the Master of this unfortunate hotel... He has an undiscovered and unknown mood though he is so warm-hearted and normal... He knows moreabout this hotel than anyone else! Anyway, he's not only the master of this hotel but also this game - behinds him is ME - the creator!
Quotes:You may read the detective novels in the room. They are free to read but DONT TAKE THEM AWAY. Thank you.
Name: Mr.Miller
Age: 23
Identify: A kind and happy guy
Mood: Happy (always)
Description: Mr. Miller is in Green Jacket, wearing a brown hat 👒Oops, not this one! -He looks tired but happy, and GOD KNOWS why is he just happy like that! He is always like that!😆
Quotes:“Hello...? What bad weather, isn't it? My car cannot drive for more or there will be an accident! I'd like to stay there, until the rain stops.”
Name: Ty Ger
Age: 13
Identify: gymnist
Mood: energetic
Description: Not an active member. He had just left few words in the game. (SPOILER) So, first victim u r! u deserve it!
Quotes:'hello' (Comment:So simple, so Adele!)
Name: Daisy Blue
Mood: blue
Description: An 18-year-old novelist? Wow, I'd like to read your book! Maybe... I'll buy one for my bookshelf!
Quotes:“It's too cold out there,... can i have a room?”
Name: Alex Willow
Age: 20
Identity: Uni Student
Mood: Gamer
Description: She drove to this hotel in the unexpected rain, ran inside the hotel holding a small duffle bag covering her head. Well, a young uni student here she is! (...gamer?)
Quotes:'Oh... great! I think I left my phone in the car!'
Name: Babis
Age: 19
Identity: detective
Mood: happy
Description: Finally! A detective! Who we need for a murder! Well... a happy one.
Quotes:'I am detective babis i would like a room'
Name: Sophie
Age: 7
Identity: child
Mood: scared
Description: A poor, tragic child who has been abandoned by her mother. (SPOILER) Even more sadly, she became the first victim 'of the murderer' according to herself. She doesn't want to do roleplay anymore...
Quotes:'Please, can I get a room. My mom left me. I have nowhere to go... Please? It's freezing.'
'Hey! That man outside looks suspicious. He seems to be following me. Do you know who he is?
(To herself) I'm probably just imagining things. I should go to my room. (Up the stairs to room 306.(It should be 206))
Name: Leo
Age: 6
Identity: kid
Mood: Sad
Description: Another odd kid. When he debuted, he mysteriously got stabbed and then healed himself quickly.

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