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Roleplay - Murder in the RP Hotel - Plot

Mr. Benson runs a 3-floor hotel which is called RP Hotel.
On a rainy night, some strangers arrived at the RP hotel because of the bad weather and traffic... And then someone is killed! The detective is going to try to find out who is the murderer...

This blog is a wiki about the Roleplay game with the same name and creator(me). You may join as a member of my game and become one of the 20 mysterious strange guests!


P.S Please be an active member and check in as quick as possible or you will be removed!
It's terrible weather outside of the hotel. It's freezing cold hand raining heavily. Benson, the master of the hotel, thinks there will be nobody coming. He decides to take a nap.
1st guest
Mr.Miller comes and checks in.

2nd guest
Ty Ger checks in.

3rd guest
Daisy Blue checks in.

4th guest
Alex Willow checks in.

5th guest Detective babis checks in.

6th guest
Sophie checked in.

7th guest
Leo checked in.

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