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International Unity- All Inhabitants of the earth are invited to this Program for Continuity - CONTINUITY FOR MANKIND
Mankind's Continuity In The Universe

Clues were also given in Spanish to identify me:

(Ted) dy Sylvester Garbutt Banda ( Singh )

I AM ( The Begining ) and ( The End )

In The Begining GOD crea( Ted ).....(Genesis 1)
Another of God's signs:
In Gensis my nam( Ted ) is The (FIRST) Name in the Bible,seated at the Right hand of God.

Here I AM now Revealing this Secret Bible Code with my name illustrated that was preserved in the scriptures to Identify me in these End Times that I AM now presenting myself. I NOW reveal this secret code TO THE WORLD that only My Father and I knew was there. In the illustration you can see that God has prepared this as His Testimony to mankind for them to know that I AM His Son whom He has sent back. This is why it was written that I would come as a Thief in night without anyone knowing whom I AM. MY NAME is The Secret Name that I have written that no one knew except God and Me. You can see my name TED appearing in the form of The Guiding Star of Bethlehem.
God Revealed this secret to The Three Wise Men that Whomever The Guiding Star came to Hover above, is The Savior that is Born to Save Mankind.
These CLUES OF MY NAME SECRETLY APPEARING in the verses to Identify me was hidden for centuries in many other parts of The Holy Bible also in different codes, so that when I finally revealed this secret to the world, my flock will know that I AM The Prophet that Moses said God would send after him.... The King of Kings that flashes.... as THE LIGHTNING (The EMPEROR OF iNDIA Bahadur Banda Singh ),That comes from out of the East( India) and Flashes to The West ( Belize).( Marrhew:24:27)

This is why in preparation before now, I had previously presented this International P.P.P WORLD PROGRAM TO SAVE THE CHILDREN AND MANKIND to Complete The Will of God to Save Mankind. Note that This Divine Phenomena with my Name appearing from right to left, from left to right , from top to bottom , and from bottom to top to form '' The BRIGHT AND EARLY MORNING STAR'' in the verses of the Holy Scriptures Cannot be achieved with any other name. This is God's Divine Sign to mankind that even before the foundations of the earth was made, he had Appointed Me as The Savior to be The Guiding light that will Lead mankind to Salvation. This is His Will.The heavens and the earth will pass away, But there is a New Earth waiting for us, and we must complete an Exodus out there to the heavens to escape the end.I also told you that I would come again, and I here I AM, Alive again by The power of God Himself. He has prepared a place for us.

This is why I told you earlier that I Need Your Help, for us to Get there. Fighting against each other it cannot be done.God has HIS TERMS. And He has Chosen the Lineage of The Sikh Kingdom of India in the East to send me Back. Therefore let it be known that The British Kingdom and The Sikh Kingdom is The Kingdom of God that He has Chosen to Bring Salvation to Mankind.This is His Will.It is from the royal lineage of these Kings and Emperors that He has returned me to earth as King of kings. These are signs that were preserved in the Bible to Reveal that I AM God's Anointed Emperor of India, and The King of Kings. The Heir of All Things that was sent back to earth to Restore my Father's Sikh Kingdom of INDIA, that goes all the way back from myself to Duleep Singh, Ranjit Singh, The Empire Bahadur Banda Singh, and even to Gulapp Singh The Maharaja of Kashmier. These codes show Clearly that I AM The Prophet that Moses said God would Send After Him. It shows that God has SPECIAL Plans for India becasuse he Chose This Land IN THE EAST and The Sikh Royal Blood Line for me to descend from and for me to RETURN from the east as King of Kings and The Savior; to Save Mankind. Give Praise and Glory To God Almighty,He announced these secrets about me before IT is published. Amen.

The symbol of my name forming THE STAR OF BETHLEHEM reveals that I today AM tHE one and same Savior that was born in Bethlehem centuries ago. Some would say Reincarnated others would say Ressurrected. Either ways it is God's proof that I AM He that was dead and Alive again as The Book of Revelations announced.

SO AGAIN TO THE NATIONS :I am inviting you all to be a part of The SIKH Kingdom of God which I have Returned to Restore. Put your differences aside and unite with me on this very important issue that will save mankind.I need you all to become a part of My New International Unity Program and to work in peace and harmony with each other for us to be able to overcome our upcoming problems of extinction that will soon be facing our Humanity and the future survival of All our Children.
You can join my International Fellowship Team to help in whatever way you can and become a part of this Program .I ask you all to actively partake of the various related activities connected thereto, to help ensure that our species of mankind will be able to continue to survive successfully in another part of our universe after conditions that supports our existence on this planet deteriorates or expires.
All Concerned Inhabitants of this Earth who are tired and no longer has any confidence in the world governments capacity to solve humanity¨s problems can be confident that this New Program of World Unity and Cooperation for our Continuity is God's Salvation Plan that will bring us together and will secure our future and existence in the Universe.
Each person wishing to be a part of The Kingdom of God and to participate in it's Salvation Program For Mankind will be a part of the Team, equal to any other , and ensured freedom from world problems, injustices and discrimination. All who partakes will be Servants of The Almighty Father up in Heaven are on equal grounds of mutual grounds for each other and free from any acts of hate against other persons.Each and every one will play their part without fear or worry and will be confidently working in cooperation with brotherly love and unity with one another in harmony with each other as a Team with the same common shared goals and objectives TO ACHIEVE THE SALVATION OF MANKIND.
Our main Goal or objectives that we will be concentrating on and working together to achieve will be the Development and Production of the type of Technology and Support Systems that is required for the Exodus of mankind,for us to be able to travel to and occupy and inhabit other parts of our Universe to ensure our SURVIVAL AND CONTINUITY before the Earth has passed away.
I beseech you to dedicate your talents to this just cause and to help to prepare the way for us to succeed with this Goal of settling on another earth like planet before we run out of the opportunity and the time and it becomes too late for us to do so.

From Myself Therefore And For The Benefit Of Humanity I Bid You- Welcome To The Team,
The Savior:
Emperor of India- The Kingdom of God
Teddy Sylvester Garbutt BANDA SINGH,
Successor to The Emperors of India:
Bahadur Banda Singh,Ranjit Singh, Duleep Singh,
and of the Maharaja Gulabb Singh
By Blood Line on Earth and By Appointment of God in Heaven.

Leader-P.P.P For The Survival And
Continuity Of Humanity.



To the world and all my sheep.These are the end times. The signs are here for you all to see. This pestilence has been sent to the earth and it knows no frontiers. It was written : The rider of the white horse was given a Crown , CORONA. This is the CORONA VIRUS that is killing people around the world today. He was given authority to go out conquering, And death and Hades followed him.

This is only the begining of the end times tribulations.Other worst scenarios will follow.In Moses time the angel of death passed over those who were covered bu the blood of the lamb. Blessed are those today whom are also covered by my blood as the Lamb of God. To those who have not yet done so, I ask you all to repent of your sins and to ask God's Mercy, to calm his anger.

If not this pandemia will take a devastating toll. As Sodom and Gomorah were destroyed ,so too the earth will be destroyed. There is too much sinning going on on the earth.It is now time for me to reveal myself and my New Name to mankind as the Savior with the back up Testimony of the Codes of God , in writing as proof ,to revealthat I am Jesus incognito.

I am now revealing these Codes that were hidden in in the Bible for centuries without anyone else knowing about them beside God and myself. They are evidence that God had already Announced beforhand my Secret Name of Jesus that I would use in my return. They reveal that My secret name as the Savior who has returned is : Teddy Sylvester Garbutt Banda Singh.

This name I have revealed is the Name that I use now in my return to the earth. My mission is to complete God's Salvatio Plan to Save Mankind. My Identity and my name was nmantained secret by God all this time. But he gave clues in the Bible to reveal it. The Clues that He gave are in the form of CODED MESSAGES. These coded messages announced and reveal my secret name that no one knew. The codes were reserved by God for me to reveal it now in these end times on my return, so that after I do so , mankind will know that I am His Son The Savior who has returned as a thief in the night without anyobne knowing me to be Jesus.
I am revealing these codes now. It is for all those who believe and wants to be a part of God's Kingdom. This information is for all those who have Faith. Your loyalty is now required to assist me in the building of God's Kingdom. Please organize yourselves and assist me in the administration and takk of establishing God's Kingdom. Begining acting on your own with my authority as the King of Kings.You all can get in touch with me through this site or by my contact which I have provided.

To my followers ,kINDLY Note that I am NOW only an ordinary man.But God has Chosen me for this job of saving mankind. I will need all your help. My request is for you all to take the actions necessary to assist me and collaborate with my projects and programs required for the building of The Kingdom of God and in the task of completing our exodus. The Kingdom is God's promice. But it will not be given to mankind on a platter. We must do our part. We must work for it. And It is required now for us all to commence working on God's Salvation Plan along with me. I request that we all commence work on completing an outer space exodus to a new earth. We all personally must participate in doing the work that must be done ourselves to make this exodus a success. On our own it is impossible, but I want to point out that it is the power of God that will intervene to help us to complete the journey. He will do so by His power ,just as he had done in the past to help His people cross over the waters with Moses leading them as His Chosen One back then.

TODAY not just by my declaration but by the codes as evidence you will know I am God's Chosen One. Your Faith is required. So I will reveal ome of the Codes now. Note that they are numerous and all over the Bible. Note also Our job is not easy.For starters, We must establish peace and Unity on the earth. We must continue to try convert and save others before it is too late. Nineveh was spared because they repented. If enough people today get's converted andrepent then God may decide to save mankind and cancel the distruction of the earth.

Regardless we must complete an exodus. Your prayers are required.

Thank You All, Ted The Savior.

Here I present a few examples of the Bible Codes that reveals my new name and shows I am God's Chosen One. I will try and post other Codes later on as soon as possible and I will also explain them to you all. My e-mail: Phone: 502-54722892


International Unity- All Inhabitants of the earth are invited to this Program for Continuity - CONTINUITY FOR MANKIND (Society - Associations)    -    Author : Teddy - Belize

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