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2011-02-04 Rjay (Belize)
1 I'm with you all the way!!!!!!!!

2013-06-26 Ralph, 35 yrs (U.S.A)
2 An exodus is necessary.The earth is overpopulated.Things will only become worst in the future with no space left to live and a lot of disputes and wars resulting.Our existence is threat6hned I must agree with Teddy.I wish other people and nations would see his point and support his concepts. I certainly do. Ralph

2014-11-26 Henry, 18 yrs (Canada)
3 interesting and visionary. But I would like to migrate to another planet far away from this over populated earth that is so fillesd with problems. Pretty soon there wont be enough space for all of us here. And imagin what is going to happen when a new unstopable virus epidimic is unleashed on earth. I would prefer working with the talibans now to fix this problem and live on another worldomewhere out there.

2016-05-06 Michael (Canada)
4 If we find another planet that has a biosphere that is sustainable for humanity then there will already be a native species/evolution. We would be invaders. We need to live in harmony with each other and the environment on planet Earth, we do not deserve the right to cause the extinction of other evolutions. Either we collectively smarten up or allow the annihilation of the annihilators.

2018-07-17 Julio, 60 yrs (Guatemala)

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