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Bobonan National High School, Pozorrubio, Pangasinan, Philippines presents our Visual Exhibit 2016 from December 12-17, 2016. This Visual Exhibit features stamps, postcards and phonecards. Different themes have been featured such as our Philippine Presidents, Misses Universe 1969, 1971, and 2015, Popes John Paul and Francis, animals, Philippine First Stamps, animals, vehicles, bridges, aircraft, Disney Characters, Hollywood celebrities, famous political leaders like Lenin, Che Guevara, Mao Zedong, etc.

Our Visual Exhibit was featured on television on December 15, 2016.

Our Visual Exhibit, in cooperation with our Social Studies Department under the chairmanship of Mrs. Jesicca L. Javier, Master Teacher I, of Bobonan National High School, Pangasinan Division II, Philippines, was featured on television by GMA Balitang Amianan on December 15, 2016.
The Grade 8 Diamond students, together with their teacher-collector adviser, Dr. Rodrigo P. de Vera, Jr. sponsored a Pre-Valentine Exhibit with the theme "A Date with our Collections" at Bobonan-Laoac-Batakil National High School, Bobonan, Pozorrubio, Pangasinan, Philippines on February 13, 2015.

Our Royal Couple Memorabilia during Pre-Valentine Presentation with the theme" A Date with our Collection" at Bobonan-Laoac-Batakil National High School, Bobonan, Pozorrubio, Pangasinan, Philippines
Our Solar System and Beyond Collection of Postcards during our Pre-Valentine Collections Exhibit.
Our phonecards collection on display during our Pre-Valentine Exhibit at Bobonan-Laoac-Batakil National High School, Bobonan, Pozorrubio, Pangasinan, Philippines 2435 on February 13, 2015.
Stamps on Exhibit featuring Philippine Stamps and selected stamps worldwide.
SUESIKI. These are our stone collections. Just see what your mind tell you of what you can see from these stones.

Our visitors, pupils from Bobonan Central School, are curious to listen to the tour guide and exhibit manager, Dr. Rodrigo P. de Vera, Jr. They listen attentively to the tour guide.
ASIAN MONEY DISPLAY. Our visitors are curious about the paper money on display, including Antarctic Paper Money (uncut) and North Korean Paper Money (uncut).
Our vistors, pupils from our neighboring school, curiously look at the collections on display.
Before the advent of SIM CARD, phonecards ruled the world. Now, phonecards are almost extinct. Such curiosity leads our visitors to ask what phonecards are.
Curious visitors during our Pre-Valentine and Post-Valentine Collections Exhibit on February 13 and February 16, 2015.
The Exhibit Organizers, my Advisory Class, Grade 8 Diamond, and I pose for a souvenir shot.
The ever supportive staff of Bobonan-Laoac-Batakil National High School lead by our Head Teacher Myrna M. Serrano (4th); Dr. Rodrigo P. de Vera, Jr; Mrs. Jesicca L. Javier; Mrs. Rosalin Molina; Mrs. Myrna M. Serrano; Mrs. Gemma Carbonel; and Mr. Erik Salazar.

These are my boxes of postcard collections from the Seven (7) Continents, postcards from 50 States of United States including its territories, postcards from the territories of of Australia, and postcards featuring my favorite themes:Animal; Solar System and the Universe; Waterfalls; Caves; Volcanoes; Dinosaurs; Northern/Southern Lights; WW I & II; Space Exploration; and Movie cards.

As a teacher, I am using postcards as teaching materials in almost all of the subjects that I am teaching. I am using my postcard collections as Christmas decors and exhibit materials to educate my students the different cultures of the world.

At the background are my Christmas Trees 2012, featuring my World Animal-Inspired Christmas Tree, World Ballpen-Inspired Christmas Tree and my World Paper Money-Inspired Christmas Tree (Not in the Picture).

Together with me is Ms. Jing Vallejos, News Anchor/ T.V. Reporter of ABS-CBN TV Patrol North Central Luzon. ABS-CBN is my constant partner in promoting postcard collecting, stamp collecting, paper money collecting and other equally educational hobbies.

This is my World Animal-Inspired Christmas Tree 2012 featuring the different animals from the Seven (7) Continents.

This is my World Ballpen-Inspired Christmas Tree 2012. It features my collection of ballpens from the different countries in the World.

My Collection-Inspired Christmas Trees 2011: My Postcrossing Card-Inspired Christmas Tree which features the cards I received from fellow postcrossers worldwide; My Rizal-Inspired Christmas Tree which features postcards, stamps, banknotes and coins that feature our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal on his 150th Anniversary; and My Dog-Inspired Christmas Tree which features my collection of stuff toys, stamps and postcards that feature dogs/puppies.

My "Collection-Inspired Christmas Trees" was featured in a local Television Station, GMA 10-Balitang Amianan on November 24, 2011 and was featured the following day on a national television, GMA 10 Unang Hirit.

You can view my Collection-Inspired Christmas Trees on this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQODW4W3PbA&feature=share.


This is my Postcrossing Card-Inspired Christmas Tree. As a postcard collector and a postcrossing member, I made use of the cards I received from fellow postcrossers worldwide as decorations for my Christmas Tree. In this way, I make my Christmas Tree unique from the rest of Christmas Trees in the Philippines. Showing this Christmas Tree is one way of promoting the hobby of postcard collecting via Postcrossing.

At the background are my postcard collections of scenery from the different countries. My postcard collections worldwide give me the chance to travel abroad for free without having to worry about your visa, passport, and of course pocket money. Looking at those beautiful views would relieve me from stress of my daily work as a teacher.

Why not start collecting,too and join me in the world of postcard collecting?

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